Kitten Found Abandoned In Paper Bag But Scary Seizures Help Find Him The Perfect Home

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Back in June, someone stumbled upon a paper bag sitting in the hallway of their apartment complex. I’m sure their first thought was “ugh, people are gross”. But then the bag moved! There was nothing else discernible about the bag and ANYONE could have left it there. Thankfully, the man who discovered the “trash” didn’t feel the same about the discarded contents. 

And inside that bag was a tiny grey kitten, cold and alone.

The poor feline was cold to the touch and shaking. Fortunately, the surprised gentleman didn’t see any visible signs of injury but mentioned a bump on the kittens side. That turned out to be his little ribs from being so malnourished. 

He rushed the kitten to the Michigan Humane Society.

Founded in 1877, Michigan Humane is the state’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization and works to improve and save lives through compassionate care, community engagement and advocacy for animals.

And with the more than a century of experience, the MHS was quick to jump into action. They gave the little 10 ounce boy a thorough exam…and a name. Squid.

Squid could barely hold his head up when he arrived. His balance was a bit “off” as well and he didn’t seem to right himself steadily or focus. This is when they determined he was suffering from vision loss as well. His biggest hurdles would come later though. 

For now, “bag baby” Squid needed to find his strength. 

Food was smooshed onto his face so that he would lick it off and his appetite would kick in. Happily the little fuzzball had NO troubles eating regularly and just a couple days later was standing proud!

The shelter workers and volunteers instantly fell in love with the sweet boy who was proving to be quite the fighter. For the next month, he grew, strengthened and gained many admirers. 

But a foster home is the best place for a growing kitten and the MHS had the purrfect one for Squid. One of their volunteers, Stephanie was happy to welcome him into her experienced care. And thankfully, it was here under her watchful eye, that Squid starting having seizures. 

Stephanie and her family had made a foster plan when the Covid-19 pandemic began. They would leave their home open so that any extremely cases that arose would have a place to go. So when she heard of the abandoned kitten who was partially blind, she knew she had the skill set to help him thrive.

Arriving at her home, Squid was a normal, playful 8-week old kitten.

But about a week later, Squid had his first (documented) seizure. As terrifying as that is to watch an animal go through, she knew if he pulled through, he could overcome this too. 

Within minutes of the event, Stephanie had him transported to the veterinarians at the Humane Society. After a few days in their care, he was stable and ready to “kitten” again but they wanted to know if she was still willing to foster him. Because of his young age, they thought that he may “grow out” of the seizures.

Photo: Stephanie foster mom

It just so happened to be her birthday, and she knew that she would care for him until the day he found his forever home. No matter WHAT Squid went through! 

So Squid returned to her home and spent the next month learning to cat, growing stronger, sweeter and had weeks of no seizures! 

Squid’s bag days were behind him, but he needed to find the perfect family to welcome him into their home. 

And Stephanie had a wonderfully sneaky plan. 

Her neighbors had previously had a Border Collie that suffered from seizures. Because of the shocking effects these have, most people aren’t comfortable or educated enough to open their homes and hearts. But these animals are JUST as loving and wonderful as the rest. 


So Stephanie began dropping hints. And for the next month, she let the idea of Squid becoming their next family member sink in. Being right next door, it was easy to witness his adorableness become more enticing each day. 

He didn’t disappoint, and neither did they. 

Squid, now Ziggy, was adopted by Stephanie’s neighbors who were completely smitten with the kitten. 

His new mom, Karen, didn’t know his full story though. So when she made the exciting trip to pick him up, she watched video of her little boy upon his intake.  

And it broke her heart. 

“I don’t understand people who dump their animals,” she choked out as her eyes welled up watching.

What makes our eyes well up though, is people like Karen, Stephanie and all the others involved with the Michigan Humane Society and adopting pets. It’s the dozens of animals just like Squid that cross their threshold that may not make it out of the bag.

And it’s the hundreds others that, again like him, conquer their fears, overcome life’s obstacles and inspire the next person to “just check what’s in the moving bag”. 

Karen was happy to report that he hadn’t had a seizure in over a month after he arrived!

You can watch their entire heartwarming video here and be sure to follow for the other adorable animals!



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