From Filth To Fluff; Yogi The Kitten Rescued From A Dumpster

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A couple weeks into July, and the temperatures in central Florida can be sweltering. The sun beats down on everything not shaded, waves of heat rise along the horizon. One of the worst things you may not consider are the dumpsters that line buildings. The dumpster legitimately becomes a tiny oven, baking the discarded contents within the scalding metal bin.

One teacher in Pinellas County did not expect to find a tiny kitten, alive among the dumpster filth.

They knew it wouldn’t survive long so quickly pulled the baby from it’s would-be tomb. They quickly rushed the tiny kitten to a local rescue.

But even they weren’t sure if it was already too late.

The little boy was was vomiting, had diarrhea and was refusing to eat. His tiny body smelled awful and was covered in flea dirt. The poor baby he just wasn’t doing well overall. He was given a much needed bath and a name, Yogi.

Yogi was a special case however. And his foster mother was also working her full-time job. With some of the symptoms that he was exhibiting, they thought that he may be suffering from Panleukopenia, or “Panleuk”. She knew that he needed to be in experienced medical care during the day. But she simply couldn’t provide him with that, regardless of what his condition may be.

This is not the first time this situation has occurred, but it’s heartwarming to know that rescue organizations work together to come up with the best solution. And that solution has to be 100% about the animals.

So they put in a transfer request for a medical foster.

So with the “dumpster” dirt off his little body, Yogi’s full fluff emerged and he headed off to his new foster home.

It was here within Purrfect Match, Inc of Sarasota and the home of Erica LaPerriere, where he would have the round the clock medical care needed. The first thing that they did was to have him tested for Panleuk. They were all relieved when the results were negative.

He had lots of love, syringe feedings, nutritional supplements and  medication. After more baths, Yogi bounced back within a week or so.

Look at that fluff!!!

Once he was feeling better, he got to enjoy learning all the kitten requirements in foster care. His mini mind was “blown” when he received an upgraded tent to play in. Because it was his first time being able to run on coordinated legs! And probably his first time seeing another cat, a.k.a. his reflection. 

Just yesterday, Yogi dumped a few other things on his way to a forever home. 

He now weighs in at his “big boy weight”. Meaning he was neutered, micro-chipped, blood tested and vaccinated. Once he is all healed up and cleared, little Yogi will be put up for adoption. 

Yogi is a very sweet and gentle kitten and his furever family will truly be the lucky ones! 

If interested in giving this little guy a furever home, please email us at (referencing Yogi in the subject line). Must have another young kitty in the household for him to grow with and play with.

If you can’t adopt, please share for him! Thank you!        

Moreover, they won’t only be getting a wonderfully fluffy addition to their family. They’ll be getting an up-and-coming calendar meowdel! Little Yogi won himself a spot in the 2021 Calendar put out by the Animal Rescue Coalition.

The results are in! Here are the top 12 who will be featured in our 2021 Calendar! There is still time to include…

Posted by Animal Rescue Coalition on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

All photos courtesy of Erica LaPerriere / Purrfect Match, Inc.


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