Kitten Proves He’s A Survivor After Being Found Covered In Spray Foam In A Trash Can

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Not every animal has an easy start in life, and some have it far worse than others. For an unlucky kitten out of Oregon, he was found covered in spray foam! So he’s already experienced more harm from the hand of cruel humans than any animal on earth ever should. On May 3rd, a garbage disposal worker out of Hillsboro, OR discovered the truly horrific sight. Thankfully his gut reaction was to help immediately and he worked to save the poor, tiny creature. 

In a report from the Washington County Sheriff’s office, it was said that the worker knew that something was very, very wrong upon seeing it.

But “upon further inspection, he noticed a small cat, encased in spray foam, hanging upside down from its back legs. The driver knew the cat was still alive because he could hear it whining.”

To save it’s life, he knew that he had to act quickly. So the worker rushed the kitten encased in spray foam back to the office for Hillsboro Garbage Disposal. Together with the help of co-workers, they freed the kitten from the foam and checked it’s vital signs.

“A whole team of his coworkers came together and rescued the cat. They cut it out, using razor blades to cut some of the foam off the kitten’s face and bring it to the vet,” — Brian van Kleef, deputy for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Thankfully, the kitten miraculously appeared to be just fine despite the spray foam.

Although he may have shaved off a life in this truly heartbreaking case of animal cruelty.

The kitten, after being freed on the left and upon arrival on the right. Image courtesy of Washington County Sheriff’s Office

After his rescuer and the coworkers successfully freed the kitten, he was then transported to the Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic.

FOX12 Oregon spoke with Dr. Diane Healey, chief veterinarian for the clinic:

“He looked like something out of a Halloween horror show. It obviously hadn’t been there too terribly long, or he would have suffocated. The head was covered, the face was covered, the legs were stiff, he couldn’t move them.”

Check out the news story below:

PETA has announced a $5,000 reward to help bring forth the heinous and heartless perpetrator who did this to a tiny and defenseless kitten.

“Thanks to the kindness and quick action of these workers. A vulnerable kitten was spared a painful, terrifying, lonely death,” says PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien. “PETA is urging anyone with information about whoever abused this animal and threw him out like trash to speak up. Before anyone else gets hurt.”

Most importantly, the little survivor is expected to make a full recovery. For now, he resides at Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter. It’s been reported that the kitten is likely the offspring of two feral cats. The pair live near where the garbage bin is placed, wedged in between two homes and several rental outbuildings. Therefore, there could be more felines left to the hardships of the area in the future. 

Image Courtesy of Washington County Sheriff’s Office

According to a news release from PETA, they will be sending a Compassionate Action Award in sincere thanks to the employees of Hillsboro Garbage Disposal. They will receive a framed certificate and delicious vegan cookies. After all, what better than a sweet thank you for springing into action?!

“Thanks to the kindness and quick action of these workers, a vulnerable kitten was spared a painful, terrifying, lonely death,” says PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien. “PETA is urging anyone with information about whoever abused this animal and threw him out like trash to speak up before anyone else gets hurt.”

As you can see, this resilient kitten is doing just fine and is as playful as can be despite his string of most recent bad luck.

We’d like to send a special thank you for the kind hearts who have helped this kitty. Here’s to hoping the rest of his nine lives go much more smoothly! Because if any animal deserves another chance, it’s a


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  1. Bravo to this sweet kitten’s rescuers, and let’s hope whoever tortured this kitty is quickly apprehended, charged, and if convicted given jail time, mental evaluation, and a ban on contact with animals!

  2. Thank you for saving this poor baby’s life good bless the sanitation workers thank you a million times overy heart is breaking I’m so so angry why some one can be so so cruel itakes me sick and thank you to the Dr who took care of him please find him a good home we need more people like you to help God bless you all for caring

  3. Thx u 4 saving this tiny, helpless fur baby.
    4get jail…an eye 4 an eye. When caught treat this lowlife the same way. The system does not work, N never will. Up next could b some1 close 2 anyone of us. Prepping 4 serial killer.
    Bless all that helped that sweat fur baby. May he have a loving caring home. 2 the persons who did this enjoy hell.

  4. Please, find the person who did this. Everyone knows that any individual who is capable of torturing and/or killing an animal is capable of doing the same with a human being in a not too distant future. Look for footprints in that can! Poor little kitty… Thank God it is now safe.

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