Why Do Some Cats Like To Perch On Shoulders?

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Cats do lots of cool things. And when they do these cool things we often hope that they make a habit of them. Cats perching on your shoulders is definitely one of those cool things. But not all cats do this, obviously. I’ve had a lot of cats in my day, but none of them have ever wanted to jump up and perch on my shoulder. Are these cats braver? Or are they simply more adventurous? If you’ve ever wondered why it is that some cats perch on shoulders, find out here!

why do cats perch on shoulders?

Hey, Look at ME!

So, if you think you’ve got this rare acrobatic cat in your home that’s superior to all the other kitties in the land, you might be wrong, sorry. Many cats will perch on shoulders because they are getting exactly what it is that they are seeking—your undivided attention. If you praise your cat for such behavior and give them the attention that they are craving, well, you’re likely to see them perching on your shoulder regularly.

For cats that perch on shoulders, they are often athletic and agile. It would be somewhat rare to see a chonky cat jumping up over five feet in the air just to grab your attention. They’ll just meow loudly instead. You know, next to the food bowl…

why do cats love to perch on shoulders?

Take me to Great Heights

Cats love the view of the world below. Maine Coons and Abyssinian cats are some of the most notorious perchers of all. If your cat likes to perch up on your shoulder, they are likely pleased with the security that you provide them and like the way that it feels to be up high, too. If you allow your cat to jump up on your shoulders and can even walk around with them while doing that, well, then they must really love this view from up above.

Affectionate on Their Terms

Cats are going to be affectionate how and when they want. And not all cats are lap cats. But I bet you that those cats who like to perch on shoulders are not the type that want to cuddle in your lap for a snooze. Cats give out their affection to us strictly on their terms. If you have a cat that loves to perch up on your shoulders, then take this as a true sign of their affection. Just watch those claws, kitty…

why do cats love to perch on shoulders?

Some cats are trained to jump on shoulders while there are other cats out there who just seem to master the act naturally. Whatever the case may be, remember it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to encourage this type of behavior. If you don’t mind, then, hey, go for it. But if it’s becoming a nuisance in your life, you cannot give in to your cat’s demands and expect them to respond by not attempting to jump on you. Cats are creatures of habit and if you allow them to make a habit of something…well, good luck breaking it.

If you’ve noticed just how much your kitty likes perching, try investing in a nice cat perch for them in your home. This works to stimulate their minds and it will excite them to have something of their own high to climb up on when you’re away.

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