Why Does My Cat Always Act Like They’re Hungry?

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Cats are finicky little beings. They will only allow you to pet them when they want—and where they want. Should you want them to come over to you, they are going to come when they want at the pace that they want, too. Really, it’s a cat’s world and we’re just living in it. When it comes to feeding our cats, this is a duty and chore that they take very seriously and will always be quick to remind us of should we be slacking.

Does your cat always act like they’re hungry?

I know that my cat has bottom-of-the-food-bowl-itis, and I’m certain from stories I’ve heard that many other cats share this funny feline condition.

There are a few reasons why cats always love to pretend that they’re starving, and once you know them you’ll be able to see that maybe they’re not acting after all. Or, you’ll realize quickly just how well they’ve trained you to do exactly what it is that they want—feed them!

Fresh Or Bust

Just like your cat loves a fresh litter box, your cat loves fresh food, too. And, I mean, can you blame them really? I certainly wouldn’t want to eat food that’s been sitting out all day. Some cats are pickier about this than others. 

If your cat takes a bite of food that’s not up to their standards then you better believe you will be the first to know. In addition to this, your cat’s bowl should be cleaned daily. And a metal bowl is best as ceramic or plastic can get cracks and grow bacteria in it. When you adhere to your cat’s high level of standards, you’ll be amazed how much more compliant they are—and less likely to act like they’re starving all the time.

Another thing to consider is the depth and the width of your cat’s bowl. Those whiskers of theirs are deeply embedded into their face and they don’t want to smoosh them against a food bowl in an attempt to eat. 

Oh, That Looks Good…

Your cat is your micromanager living at your home. They want to know where you are, what you’re doing, and that you’re doing it to their standards. There’s no more going to the bathroom alone, and there certainly isn’t anymore eating alone once you have a feline in your home. Does your cat seem super interested in what you are eating? That’s because these smells are triggering their curiosity. Just please keep in mind that there are many foods which are toxic to cats and should be avoided entirely.

There are some foods that can be shared with your feline friends, but amuse-bouche portions only. Cats are obligate carnivores, and their stomachs can easily become upset from dairy products. So, that’s definitely something to keep in mind when you see them eyeing your cereal bowl.

why does my cat always pretend like they're starving?

You Expect Me To Eat That?

Cats are not fans of change unless it’s on their terms. And when it comes to food, this is most certainly true. At times we have to switch our cat’s diet to better their health. Or we have to hold back on the treats to keep them at a healthy weight. Your cat might protest by way of holding out on eating. I’ve personally seen one of my cat’s do this. And I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Give Me The Goods

Cats are opportunistic creatures. But in their defense, dogs are too. If your cat suspects that you’re holding out on them, they will hold out on you, too. Do you sometimes top your cat’s food with that juicy and delicious wet food? Well, they know that you do and they just might pretend to starve until you give in and give them exactly what they want. Cats are master manipulators, and we are their favorite pawns in their game of cat chess going on in that magnificent little brain of theirs.

Joke’s On You, Human…

Does your cat like to wake you up in the middle of the night or the wee morning hours to feed them? Well, if you get up and do it then you’ve just created a tiny monster that is now going to get you to do that very same thing on repeat. Russian Blue cats are notorious for this behavior, actually. It’s believed that their internal alarm clocks are programmed to eat at the same time every day. And they’re not shy about it either.

If your sleep is important to you, try feeding your cat a little something before you go to bed so that way they’re not sitting on your chest meowing at you when the roosters crow.

Obesity in cats is steadily on the rise across the world. And although many people love fat cats, it’s a danger to their health to allow them to become overweight. Your cat relies on you as their owner to take care of their health and well-being. So don’t overfeed them even though it’s tempting at times given their high demands.

By keeping their weight in check, this is the best way to promote their health so that you and them can have more trips around the sun together. Even if it means that they’re going to be meowing more by pretending that they’ve never eaten a day in their life…why is my cat always hungry

If your cat seems to have a sudden and drastic change in eating behavior that makes it seem as if they’re constantly starving, this could be an underlying health concern. Take them in to see their vet so they can have their health assessed by a professional. A sudden increased appetite could possibly equal hyperthyroidism. 

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