Meet The “Cat Grandpa”: A True Angel For Cats At Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

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If you ask anyone at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Terry Lauerman is a true godsend. Terry is a retired teacher who serves as a brother at St. Norbert Abbey Church and loves spending his free time helping others. As a self-professed cat person, he wanted to do something valuable with his free time for cats in need. So, he thought to himself, that he’d take up volunteering at Safe Haven to brush the cats and play with them. But with all that purr action and “meow-a-tonin” going around, Terry, AKA the Cat Grandpa, often takes a cat nap with the cats!

cat grandpa

cat grandpa

The images of Terry started going viral in 2018, and people all over the world started to see these adorable images that Safe Haven shared on their Facebook page.

Terry is completely humbled by the attention he has received. But the good people at Safe Haven are truly touched for all that he has inadvertently done for these cats in need. Not only has the Cat Grandpa spread joy and given these cats in need a chance to feel loved and appreciated, but all the attention he’s given the rescue has helped them to raise over $100,000 to give these precious animals the care that they need.

cat grandpa

After those brushes comes the heavy doses of meow-a-tonin! And, as you can see, these sweet kitties don’t mind one bit. After all, naps with grandpa are always the best!

cat grandpa

cat grandpa

“I’ve always been a cat person. To me it’s a blessing to be touched by creation,” Terry told CBS Morning News.

cat grandpa

cat grandpa

CBS Sunday Morning News did a feature on Terry the Cat Grandpa at Safe Haven just this past weekend, and the sweet story will warm your heart:

Want a chance to see more precious photos on the regular of the Cat Grandpa? Follow the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary on Facebook!

And if you’d like to learn more about Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and all the incredible work they do for animals, please visit their website here.

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All Images Courtesy of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

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