Man Hoping For Safe Return Of Cat After He Receives Strange Letter From His Cat’s Perspective

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Tobin Copeland Turner is the proud owner of one beautiful cat named Artemis. Well, perhaps WAS is the more appropriate term. You see, recently his loyal companion strangely went missing. 

One thing we know is certain: when it comes to cats, finders are NOT keepers. And before we get into the debate over whether or not you should allow you cats to roam freely outdoors, remember that Tobin loves his cat just as any other cat owner would and doesn’t deserved to be cat-shamed at the moment. But what he does deserve, is to be reunited with Artemis as he is his rightful owner.

A few months ago, Artemis went missing around his home in Portland, Oregon. As any dedicated cat owner would, his cat dad searched everywhere for him. Tobin checked local shelters hoping his missing kitty would turn up, but no such luck for the missing tuxedo cat.

Then, just before Christmas last month, something very strange and sudden happened. Tobin received a letter in the mail with no return address on it. And not only this, but the letter he received was written from his missing cat’s perspective.

Image courtesy of Fox 12 Oregon

Tobin stated on his personal Facebook account that, “I asked for adventures in 2020…just not exactly what I had in mind. I’ll try to be more specific next time!”

The strange letter starts by saying:

“Dear people, merry Christmas. Hope you are all well, – stated in it. I wanted to let you know that I’m safe and warm, with people who love me.”

See the video below on the story of this kidnapped cat courtesy of ABC 7 News…

Tobin says that it’s, “good to know that the cat is being taken care of to some degree, but it’s weird and comforting knowing that he’s currently being taken care of.”

He remains positive that his cat will be found, and claims that, “justice (or at least a little embarrassment) will be served!”

It’s unlawful to keep and medically treat another person’s pet, and Tobin has since filed a stolen pet report with his local police.

People should not take your Pets, feed them or provide veterinary care without the consent of the owner,” says Tobin. “It is nice to know about my cat in a sense, taken care of, but it’s still somehow strange.”

Portland police have confirmed that they are officially investigating the matter and are doing their best to ensure Artemis’ safe return to his rightful owner.

For his sake, and for Artemis’, we sincerely hope that these two are reunited sooner rather than later and that hopefully they can put this very strange situation behind them.


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