A Cat’s Guide to Bathrooms

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Why do cats love bathrooms so much? Everyday, millions of us likely use the facilities with a cat monitoring our every move. And in some cases, very judgingly I might add! Other times, our felines take this as an open opportunity to jump up on our exposed laps. But do we complain? Not likely. Even as the tingle slowly creeps up from your feet, freezing you in what’s probably going to be your death state. But the bathroom is just one more adventurous play land for our beloved felines to claim as their own. I for one, would NEVER deny them that. Least ye be prepared for the consequences!

Here’s Marmalade’s guide to bathrooms and as you can see he’s just a furry fitness freak. HAHA!

This was his routine when we lived back in Florida the first time, in 2014. As soon as his favorite “gym” opened it’s doors each morning, he was usually the first one in.

He likes to begin with jumping in the shower–literally. We all love to sing in the shower, right? And with the acoustics, Marm is no exception. He would then emerge energized, pumped and ready for his workout to begin.

When he was just a little fluffball, Marmalade’s was a big fan of the cardio “toilet paper” rollers. Bonus was the beautiful artwork that was left after a satisfying bout. Sigh.

Our “workout equipment” also consisted of a nice, obstacle free and enclosed room. Here, Marmalade could attend the occasional spin class when he had a lot of pent up energy to release. Squat jumps, climbing “ropes” and plenty of additional equipment is always available.

Still not your ideal workout? How about the bathrooms built in dual machine? 

The treadmill/soaking bowl!!! It’s not often that it is available, as it’s a favorite of many meowmbers. 

After a long, strenuous workout, it’s always nice to end it with a hot steam. And don’t forget to hydrate!!

So now you can all enjoy your bathrooms to their fullest extents. You’re welcome!


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