This Cat Named Valkyrie Has The Most Bizarre Human-Like Face

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While the Internet is full of cute cat pics, there’s always room for one more famous feline. There’s enough cat love to go around, and that’s especially true for a very special Maine Coon named Valkyrie. This star-studded cat made her Instagram debut with help from her human, Tatiana Rastorgueva. It’s easy to see why the world fell in love with Valkyrie after the first pic—this cat’s face looks so human!

Just look at that face!


We all love the big eyes, button nose, and whisker pads that make up a typical cat face. But with Valkyrie, there’s something different. We can’t quite put our paw on it, but there’s no denying that this cat’s face has striking good looks. Maybe it’s her wide-set eyes or strained expression. Or it could be her little beard that makes her look like a cute old man. Either way, the world has recognized Valkyrie as something special.

The Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds around. They’re the official cat breed of Maine, and they’ve been around for centuries. People love them for their glamorously long fur, tufted ears and impressive bulk. And while these cute cats are beloved, that doesn’t stop them from ending up in animal shelters. There are always Maine Coons and Maine Coon mixes waiting for their chance to be adopted. 

Thankfully, Valkyrie has already found a loving home.

She is a tiny kitten in most of her pics, but she’s destined to grow into a majestically large cat. Most Maine Coons grow to be about twice the size of an average house cat. Along with her human-like face, Valkyrie seems to have a human-like attitude.She looks at the camera with utter disdain as if to say, “I know I’m beautiful, but again with the camera?”


While this cat’s picture has been making its rounds on the Internet, Valkyrie has been compared to a number of pop culture figures. She’s been referred to as a “Yoda cat” thanks to her inquisitive eyes and wide-set ears. A few people have also compared her to the Grinch, and everyone loves the Grinch by the end of the movie, so Valkyrie can take that one as a compliment.

We’re still not sure what makes this cat’s face stand out from all our other feline friends, but Valkyrie definitely has something special.

All images via Instagram/catsvill_county


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