(FOUND SAFE!) Black Cat “Batman” Stolen From PetSmart Adoption Event–HELP Identify The Thieves From Surveillance Images!


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As the PetSmart National Adoption Weekend began on November 8th, no one could have imagined what was about to happen. The volunteers and staff with Forgotten Cats in Delaware prepared for their adoption events. For most cats and kittens, they would hopefully be off to their new forever homes. Others would wait patiently, watching the others leave one-by-one in the arms of smiling humans. The rescue would raise the funds though the adoptions to help the next need kitty find a home. But for one black cat named Batman, his story has taken an unexpected twist. (Latest update at end of article!)

If you are looking for a cat that likes people, he is the cat for you! Batman is a special cat and has been with his foster parents for over two months. Within 24 hours of his arrival at his foster home, he was sitting on laps, and friendly to anyone who visited.

His foster parents nicknamed him ‘Shadow’ because he follows them around the house, and always wants to be with people. They have grown quite fond of him, and he has earned the privilege of roaming the house. He is very sweet and friendly and is happiest sitting on a lap, purring, and having his head scratched. Batman gets along with most other cats but would do best in a home without dogs.

But now, poor Batman was stolen from the PetSmart adoption event held Brookhaven, Pennsylvania! 

Supporters on the Forgotten Cats Facebook page were shocked when they read the post.  

Forgotten Cats is seeking help from the public after one of our senior cats, Batman, was stolen from the Brookhaven PetSmart last night (11/7) around 8:30pm.

We are asking for the safe return of Batman. Batman is a 10-year-old male that is all black and weighs about 14 pounds. He is very affectionate and friendly. Batman is not microchipped. He has a shaved spot on his neck due to getting blood work done recently, police said.


Forgotten Cats is primarily a TNR organization in which only about 10% of the felines are adoptable. With over 11,000 spays/neuters just in 2018 alone, that’s a cost that add’s up quickly! And when the majority of the cats are “returned” to the streets, fixing as many as possible HAS to be the priority. So micro-chipping is currently done after adoption.

A PetSmart employee commented on the incident in a later Facebook post, explaining how the thieves stole the cat. It was in response to others questions just how this could have happened, when the cats are usually in the viewing room. Adoption events are different though.

The cat was in a locked crate in preparation for adoption weekend. But yes, normally they are behind locked doors. The people that took him pried the bottom of the door open enough to pull the cat out.

But what makes matters even scarier for both them AND Batman, is that he is dealing with developing health issues.

Senior cat Batman has early signs of chronic kidney disease and requires a special diet. Not to mention the stigmas and abuses that are associated to “black cats”. Many believe they are stolen or adopted more often around Halloween, and then used in ritualistic offerings. 

He has been living happily in foster care with his many brothers and sisters. And his foster parents are always helping spread the word about these loving house panthers.

They even have an Instagram page @meows_house_delaware, that is dedicated to their love and dedication to homeless cats. 

For them to imagine him back out on the streets–or worse–is heartbreaking.

Regardless of anything, Batman needs to be returned. 

The police were involved and this is [still] considered an active investigation. Luckily, there was a security camera that captured the criminal’s photo and vehicle. But police couldn’t release that information to the public at first. And sadly, there was no mention of license plate information to identify them.

It’s up to the rest of us to spread the word and bring Batman “home”.

But by the night of the 9th, they still had no news or tips about Batman’s whereabouts. So one of their supporters made it more “appealing” for others to do the right thing. 


Thanks to an anonymous donor, a $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the individuals and the safe return of Batman.


By the 12th, they had not received any legitimate tips on the possible whereabouts of Batman. Lots of other homeless black cats, but none were him. 

BATMAN HAS STILL NOT BEEN RETURNED. We have not received a SINGLE TIP on his whereabouts. Someone has to know something!

As the time passes by we are becoming increasingly concerned. The temperatures are continuing to drop and Batman doesn’t have a winter coat(fur). Batman has early chronic kidney disease and his condition will worsen if he doesn’t have the proper care. Dehydration could be VERY serious for him.

****If Batman is returned to the Brookhaven PetSmart, we will not press charges. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. DO THE RIGHT THING.

Local news stations covered the story to help spread and the reward eventually climbed to over $2,000.00.

Surveillance footage and images were finally released by police– which devastatingly means they likely are at a loss too.

The suspects are believed to be a Caucasian man and woman, estimated to be in their mid 20’s. The woman had brown/reddish hair and the man had strawberry blond hair. Both appeared to be thin and were of average to tall height. If anyone has any information regarding the theft of Batman, please call us at 302-540-3044 or email us at info@forgottencats.org.

Their vehicle is a pretty distinctive and should NOT be difficult to identify who it belongs to. I’m 100% speculating here, but is it a possibility it is a stolen vehicle or rental? Maybe. But there has been no confirmation on that from police either way. 


The police departments post about Batman being stolen from PetSmart has now been shared more than 3,000 times. 

But he is not home yet. Please be sure to spread the word to those near and far! You never know who knows who, or who may see it from them sharing it. Let’s help bring Batman back so he can get the loving home that he–and all homeless kitties–deserve! 

BATMAN UPDATE 11/15/19 8:10 AM:

It has been determined that the color of the Mini Cooper is BRITISH RACING GREEN (dark green). It has a WHITE roof & moon roof, WHITE side mirrors, and WHITE racing stripes on the hood. We BELIEVE it to be a 2013 or older.

A $2100 REWARD is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the individuals and the safe return of Batman.

We’d like to THANK the Brookhaven Police Department for working hard to BRING BATMAN HOME. While all the details of their investigation are not posted publicly-please know that they are conducting a thorough investigation and we SINCERELY APPRECIATE everything they are doing.

PLEASE call the Brookhaven Police Department at 610-876-6142 if you have any information regarding the suspects or the vehicle.


Batman has been found safe! The Brookhaven PD and Forgotten Cats both shared the happy news on their Facebook pages late Saturday night. We couldn’t be any happier to hear it either!

Thank you to everyone that reached out on Batman’s behalf and shared his story. I myself am very interested to learn all the details in the future. Not for gossipy details, but to implement anything in possible future abductions so other cats may have a chance to come home too. =) Congrats to Batman!

Forgotten Cats BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BATMAN WAS RECOVERED AND HE IS SAFE! Charges are pending against both suspects.

WE’D LIKE TO GIVE A HUGE SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU TO BROOKHAVEN PD!!!!!! Officer Barth and Officer Eastman (pictured below) worked endlessly in order to bring our Batman home. We’d also like to thank the media for continuously running his story and FC volunteers and supporters for all their advice, prayers, and help.

Brookhaven Police – PA Batman the Cat has been recovered after an extensive investigation by the Police Department. The cat is in good health and was returned this date to the rightful owner. The suspects will be facing the appropriate criminal charges for their actions.

The Police Department also appreciates the community involvement in helping to solve this case. Thanks so much!


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