New Study Reveals Just How Dedicated Modern Day Cat Owners Are

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If you’re reading this, chances are you are a totally dedicated cat owner. And why wouldn’t you be? Cats are totally amazing and so easy to love, spoil, and adore. We know that most of us have yet to achieve our dream career of being full-time stay-at-home cat moms and dads. So, off to work we go each day to give our cats the best life possible. Until that day when we can be home with them…if only we could all win the cat lottery!

Most of us spend as much of our times with our cats as we can. Because being with them is what makes us happiest, right?

If I were to ask you on average, how much time do you think you dedicate each year to spending with your cat, do you think you’d compare to other modern day cat owners out there? Well, a recent study has uncovered that the average modern day cat owner spends roughly 1,016 hours a year with their feline. In a quick breakdown for those polled in the study, that comes out to nearly 20 hours purr week dedicated to exclusively kickin’ it back with your feline friend. That’s dedication if you ask me!

Check out a fun breakdown of stats from the study on modern day cat owners courtesy of New York Post…

I mean, really, who better to spend time with? Cats might make you earn their love, but once they’ve chosen to trust and accept you, they’re yours furever without question. I know I can’t say that about most people!

The survey polled 1,000 participants, and found that not only did these cat owners purrfer to pass the time with their feline friends. But also that they snap an average of 7 pics purr day of their cats. And when it comes to those photos? Well, 41% said that they have a framed photo of their feline friend in their home. And, it should come as no surprise, that 84% of cat owners polled consider their feline as a family member—with many buying gifts on a routine basis for their lucky kitty.

Lauren May, associate director, Clorox Pet Products said in a statement:

Millions of cats enter shelters each year yet less than half get adopted. We understand how rewarding it is to have cats in our lives which is why Fresh Step is on a mission to help every shelter cat find a forever home. Through shelter partnership programs, we have donated millions of dollars and more than six million scoops of litter to help shelter cats get adopted.

What did you think of the results in this modern day cat owners study? And if you ask me, every day is National Cat Day in my home!


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  1. I can totally agree with the survey. If I could stay home all day with my cats I totally would. They are my kids/ babies and yes I do treat them by as family. I call my daughter their sister. I’ve rescued all my kitties and I look for the older kitties. Thanks for your site it brings a smile to my face every time. I follow you on Facebook and YouTube. Cole and Marmalade are the greatest…

  2. I have 2 cats Bowie is my 1 yr old male whom we adopted at 8 weeks old he was left alone and in need of a home so we adopted him, I’m retired so I spend many hours with my furbabies, my other one is Trixie who belonged to a friend of mine because she was peeing outside her box, I wasn’t planning on another cat but she was beautiful and I didn’t want her going to a shelter so we took her than a trip to the vet she had a UTI was given some antibiotics and she has never peed outside her box ever again, She is 19 months old a little shy but loves being in high places, Once she is in the mood for pets she turns into a loving sweet heart giving head butts and rubbing against you, She is wonderful and they both get along very well. They love the boxes their stuff from chewy comes in playing and sleeping in them, They both are fixed, the only thing I don’t like is her previous owner had her declawed, They are strictly indoor cats. They are spoiled and loved and are my babies. Cats are amazing I would be lost without them. Now I have been considering fostering. We have lost of experience taking care of kittens, Years ago we found a cat pregnant who gave birth to 7 kittens we raised and found loving homes for. Just want to say I love them so much,

  3. Yes–I consider my cats my kids! I will not go on any extended vacation (more than a day or so) without them. They greet me at the front door each day after work. It breaks my heart to think of them waiting for me at the door each day and me not showing up for a week because i left them to travel. So any vacations I take will include them. They are indoor cats but take strolls with their harnesses and leashes outdoors with me.

  4. Being disabled I spend all day/night with my fuzzy son Skyler and my grandfuzzies, Luke, Lillyanna and Little Foot. I would rather spend all my time with cats instead of humans. Humans hurt people but cats don’t. Love your videos on YouTube. Cole and Marmalade are the best.

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