Target Introduces Christmas Cat Scratchers And They’re Purrfect

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Okay, okay, so we know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But what better way for any cat lover to get into the yuletide spirit than with Christmas cat decor for our homes? Target delivered this Halloween for cat owners of the world with their haunted cat scratcher mansion (I picked one up for my cats, no doubt!), and now they’re here to get you in the holiday spirit with not one but TWO Christmas-themed cat scratchers!

Their holiday cat scratchers were a hit in the past, so why not keep a good thing going, right?!

Think your cat wants a festive RV? Or would they rather a two-story holiday scratcher? Or purrhaps you can spoil them with both, maybe? Either way, there is festive fun to be had with these pawsome holiday cat products courtesy of our friends at Tar-jay who are the masters of providing us with all the little things we never knew we needed for our homes.

Check out the details on these fun products below!

Ski Chalet Double Decker Cat Scratcher – Wondershop ™ – $16.99

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  1. I don’t believe that was an accident…Concern for the kitty could care less about the football game…
    Spay & Neuter…I do hope he finds a good home

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