Rescue Kitten Joins The Ranks Of Arkansas Police Department As Pawwficer Fuzz

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It was an intense interview process. But the Fort Smith Police Department in Arkansas has officially welcomed their newest officer…err, pawfficer… to the team. The young rescue kitten has now joined the department in an official capacity. His goal will be to communicate with citizens and spread the word about animal rescue and welfare. So now, Pawwficer Fuzz has begun his watch.

The adorable blue-eyed kitten hails from a local cat rescue called Jen’s Kitty Rehab. The non-profit offers a cage-free environment for the abandoned, abused, and neglected cats of the area. Many of the rescue’s feline residents are found roaming the streets or living in backyards, construction zones, or public parks. Shelter staff focuses on providing a safe space for all cats while encouraging socialization that will help the felines thrive in future forever homes. 

Posted by Fort Smith Police Department on Friday, September 13, 2019

The lucky Pawwficer Fuzz chosen was one of about five original applicants.

And choosing between a group of adorable kittens is no easy task! The chosen kitten came to Jen’s Kitty Rehab after being found with a rope around his tail. Thankfully he healed and cleaned up quite nicely. Not only did his cute face make it easy for officers to choose him, his outgoing purrsonality sealed the deal. 

Now, he’s putting that curious personality to good use at his new job. His first mission was to meet all his excited new coworkers. And he even got to try out some official police equipment! After settling in, the kitten’s first order of business was to write his first official memo on social media. He introduces himself to his fellow Fort Smith citizens and says,

“Now they’ve put me to work on this here social media thingy. [Where] I plan to give you, the Fort Smith citizenry, helpful tips on how to stay safe on the road, at home, in parking lots, and anywhere else trouble lurks. I’ll also be dropping by community events with my partner Officer Robyn Shoptaw and, hopefully, encouraging you to give cats and dogs like me a home.”

Posted by Fort Smith Police Department on Friday, September 13, 2019

But before this pawfficer of the law could really get to work, he needed a name. And they decided to turn to the people to name him—aww!

The police department has enlisted the help of the public to pin down the purrrfect name for their hardest worker. 

“In the next several days, we will be compiling names for our furry friend. We will be asking for the public to help us pick the purrrrfect name.”

The leading options were Fuzz, Cuffs, and Blue. And it seems that that Pawwficer Fuzz came in as the winner!

Check out this adorable video the Fort Smith Police Department recently shared. It’s of Pawfficer Fuzz being officially sworn in for duty and couldn’t be any cuter. 

Mayor George McGill was the first to approach the FSPD about having a fun and, of course, treat-filled ceremony for their purrfect little crime fighter:

“If he’s going to be an officer, he needs to be sworn in to make him official… I think the idea of having a mascot is kind of cool. He’s going to get a lot of attention.”

We see Pawwficer Fuzz is staying true to his playful kitten roots when he’s not fighting crime…

We’d like to wish Pawwficer Fuzz the best of luck! And a special thank you to the fine men and women of the Fort Smith Police Department—you’re all heroes!


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