Senior, One Eyed, FIV+, Three-Toothed, Stray Feline Named “Hobo Da Cat” Up For Adoption? Yes Please!

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It’s easy to pick a name for a cat based on their appearance. “Fluffy”, “Patches” and “Kitty” aren’t the most inventive monikers, but they certainly are accurate. So when a senior, one-eyed, stray cat was found trying to enter a home in Tennessee, there was only one name that truly fit him–Hobo Da Cat. The sweet vagabond had clearly led a rough life on the streets. But he had finally wandered into the right place. Because the caring homeowners didn’t just shoo him away, tossing him back on the streets. They recognized a soul in need of saving. And what was eventually learned of his life, confirmed he deserves all the love and affection he’s been showered with.

Photos: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

The early life of Hobo Da Cat is a mystery, but what information was discovered was heartbreaking. 

His “finders”–ignore the fact he basically saved himself (haha)–posted his photo and info on local lost & found social media pages. A woman saw the post and called some friends of hers who had experience fostering less fortunate animals. Although only a small “mom-and-pop” team, Cuddles and Purrs Rescue were happy to help. They brought him to their veterinarian at Butler Animal Clinic. The first thing that is done (and always should be!) was to have him scanned for a microchip.

They estimated him to be around 10-11 years of age–and it was not an easy decade. But still, the sweet senior reportedly made “biscuits while he waited to be scanned at vet office.”

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

And wouldn’t you know it? Hobo Da Cat had a microchip! Turns out he had actually been adopted out from another organization, Young Williams Animal Center–only about 4 months earlier.

“He was a cat that was brought into the local shelter,” Maggie noted. “They did a lot of work on him. They did an eye enucleation, he had a broken tail, and they pulled out almost all of his teeth except for three. He [also] had an upper respiratory infection. They got him all healthy, adopted him out, and somehow [he] made his way back onto the street.”

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

They left a message at the contact number for his last known adopters. But they never heard back from them.

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

Poor Hobo had been discarded like last nights leftovers.

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

After that, Maggie, founder of Cuddles and Purrs, decided that Hobo Da Cat would never live on the streets again.

Once he was cleared of any health issues and completed a week-long stray “quarantine”, he was officially welcomed into their foster home. You always have to be careful introducing new cats when fostering to ensure no surprise viruses pop up.

And apparently in a safe home environment, this senior has the demeanor of a playful kitten!

I try to be very aware that I need to make sure the toy is near the one eye. [Because] sometimes you forget he doesn’t have this eye. So I try to make sure he sees the toy and he’ll grab for stuff and chase balls.

Photos: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

Maggie wanted to get his overall health examination done right away knowing his abuses were likely more than skin deep. And when she felt a small lump on his back, she never would have imagined what it turned out to be. 

The vet later removed a BB from Hobo’s back! So not only was this sweet cat suffering from the other ailments, he’d been shot. Shameful humans.

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue ~ The BB pellet that was removed from Hobo’s back

Yet someone loved him very much at some point. It shows in his personality. But unfortunately, love doesn’t matter without proper vet care and a warm, loving, snuggly home to call your own!

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

Now Hobo Da Cat is ready to find his furever home, safe and loved indoors! 

“He’s had a really hard life,” Maggie said. “He’s also FIV positive. He was FIV positive when he was adopted out from the local shelter. [But] they can live happily with other kitties as long as it’s not an aggressive cat.”

Sharing the plight of FIV+ cats is something near and dear to our hearts too. These felines aren’t walking around contagious and spreading diseases everywhere they go. And calling it FELINE AIDS incorrectly is hurting more of these cats than the actual virus! In many uneducated vet offices and shelters, Hobo would have been euthanized immediately. It is a compromised immune system that they live with. And it can be a LONG LIFE, especially with preventative practices.FIV Facts

FIV positive cats need to be cared for like any other cat. Regular vet visits and dental cleanings are a must! A healthy, high-quality diet and exercise will help keep your feline fit for years to come. 

And they CAN live with FIV negative cats without ever transmitting the virus to others.

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

So if you live near Knoxville, or know of anyone who is in need of adding a pretty amazing cat to their family, check out the Cuddles and Purrs Facebook page. If you are interested in filling out an application for any of their fosters, please visit them HERE. 

Our rescue gets all of our cats/kittens from the local streets or bottle kittens that have no mom due to medical issues or found roaming. We started out doing TNR and still do whenever we can.

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue
Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

Knoxsville isn’t the only place where there are “Hobo’s” of the world.

And Cuddles and Purrs isn’t the only small, minimally “staffed” group that saves these desperate cats. They do get MAJOR bonus points for advocating for FIV and “unwanted” cats! 

They are like the dedicated Trap-Neuter-Return volunteers that spend their nights and weekends in the weeds–literally–catching the millions of strays. The fosterers that spend the wee-morning hours nursing delicate souls back to health. And those that welcome the senior cats who need a special place to live out the rest of their lives.

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue

These organizations are everywhere. Please remember they usually do this on their own dime. They don’t have a public building to hold adoption events. There are no grants and fundraisers that bring in thousands of dollars. They need our support, both emotionally and physically. 

If you would like to contribute to Cuddles and Purrs for Hobo, or “Hobie” as they affectionately refer to him, please check out their AMAZON WISHLIST here

Butler Animal Clinic will also accept monetary donations by calling 865-531-7311 which goes directly to our Cuddles and Purrs Rescue Account to help current and future rescue kittens/cats.

We can’t wait to see what lucky family welcomes Hobo into their home and lives. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on his future adventures!

Photo: @cuddlesandpurrsrescue


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