Gorgeous Odd Eyed Olive Is Taking Over Instagram With Her Mesmerizing Two Tone Eyes!

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If you are as addicted to looking at cats online as we are, you’ve likely seen cats with heterochromia iridum. This occurs when the iris (colored part) of one eye is a different color than the other eye. It can affect humans and canines as well as felines. This is commonly seen in cats with one blue eye and one gold eye, like with our friends Madden and Moon. And with cats’ eyes already being gorgeously mesmerizing, these dual colored peepers are quite a sight to see. But then you are introduced to Odd Eyed Olive.

It was in June 2017, that the alabaster cat cat named Olive was introduced on Instagram under the name Odd Eyed Olive. 

The only thing truly odd about seeing this cat for the first time, is if you aren’t also mesmerized. Check your pulse, quick!

However, as you can see, Olive’s eyes aren’t just each a different color. Both eyes have two colors! This form of the heterochromia  is called sectoral heterochromia. It rarely occurs when portions of the iris WITHIN THE SAME EYE differ in color! And what a sight to see.  

Fun Fact: There is a third form of the genetic abnormality called central heterochromia. In these stunning eyes, there is a ring around the pupil or possibly spikes of different colors radiating from the pupil.

Since then, Odd Eyed Olive and her family have been treating the world to her beauty.

There may be something in the water however, because her 3 other feline companions are simply beautiful too!

This is her fluffy to the max, sister Fifi. Ummmm…..Hello, can I bury my face in your fur? Yes, I know it’s very weird, but I can’t be the first person to inquire.

And here is Skyla who is no slouch in the “mesmerizing eyes” contest herself! My goodness baby blues!

Last but certainly not least, is Charlie, the solo boy of the home. He also happens to be under Olive’s captivating gaze because he was quickly claimed “her man”.

Olive and her boyfriend Charlie… All eyes on the fly.

So there you have it, you now know of the stunning unique beauty of Odd Eyed Olive. 

That’s exactly what her humans want the world to see when they stare into her hypnotizing eyes.


For those of you wondering of another genetic condition usually found in white cats, Olive has no problems with her hearing.

You see, many pure white cats have hearing loss, but not this special soul. And with the family using her uniqueness to spread the message of individuality and celebrating our differences, they’re a whole clowder of pawsitive vibes!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram for doubled-up dose of awe and ameowzament that is Odd Eyed Olive!


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