If You’re Allergic To Cats, A Cat Allergy Vaccine Is In The Works

For a person that lives with a cat allergy, they likely spend a better part of their time avoiding cats. And what’s even worse, is that many of the people who are allergic to cats actually like felines! What’s more traitorous than wishing you could mingle with cats but your body rejects your desires!? Well, thanks to scientists and researchers out of Switzerland, you won’t be forced to worship cats from afar much longer! 

Dr. Gary Jennings, CEO of HypoPet AG, recently spoke on this groundbreaking cat allergy vaccine.

In a statement on the HypoCat website, he announced the exciting news. 

We are very pleased to publish this data. [It] shows our HypoCat™ vaccine is able to produce high levels of antibodies in cats. And that these antibodies can bind and neutralize the Fel d 1 allergen produced by the animals.

This work was a key step in the milestone driven development of HypoCat™. It’s the lead project in our product pipeline. Moreover, our development partner Benchmark Holdings, recently announced successful completion of other key safety and efficacy trials.  [As well as] the transfer of the HypoCat manufacture process to GMP. Consequently, we are pressing ahead with registration studies. Also discussions with European and U.S regulators with the hope of bringing this much-needed product to the market…

For myself, I simply could not imagine a world without cats. This is purrfect news for those who suffer from cat allergies. Especially for those who wish for a way to blend with felines without experiencing an allergic reaction.

For this cat allergy vaccine, there were four separate studies conducted. Fifty-four different cats helped to test the effectiveness of the vaccination.

And the data collected showed very promising results! So this news is very exciting for millions of people worldwide who are allergic to cats.

As many of you already know, it’s the protein Fe1 d 1 found in the cat’s saliva that triggers the allergic response. This protein is spread onto their coat while grooming.

Some cats are even hought to be “hypoallergenic”. Many people associate their allergies with the cats fur. So they believe fur-less cats are better for allergy sufferers. Nope. Surprise!!! It’s the spit!

But often those who suffer from cat allergies just avoid owning a cat altogether.  Itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath are often enough for a person who loves cats to still avoid them for fear of the unpleasant reaction.

And now, they’re providing evidence that the HypoCat cat allergy vaccine is considered to be highly effective.

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shared a tweet with the world on the study. 

It’s estimated that nearly a third of Americans who suffer from allergies also suffer from pet allergies. With allergies to cats being twice as common. The HypoCat vaccine is set to release sometime in the next three years. So it should serve as a breath of fresh air—literally—to those who are allergic to cats.

If you’d like to read the press release in its entirety, you can do so hereAnd don’t forget to share this article with people you know who are allergic to cats!


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  1. It’s actually not just the spit! It’s also dander and urine. So anyone allergic still benefits from cat brushing outside, clean litterboxes, regular vacuuming, and those enzyme wipes you can use on a cat’s coat to break down that protein.

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