Medieval Cat Art Is Equally Hysterical And Perplexing

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I will be the first to say that I wouldn’t have made it very long back during medieval times. Sure, I like turkey legs, but I am cool with wifi and air conditioning and other modern day luxuries afforded to me. The Middle Ages from the 5th to 15th century have gifted us with some ancient artifacts and relics that we modern day humans have ogled and awed at over for centuries. And none of these ancient artifacts has most captivated our cat-lover minds as their medieval cat art.

Cats have long since been admired and intriguing to the masses, and what better way than to preserve their memory and what they mean to you and your culture than with some art?

Before we dive in, we must warn you, MANY OF THESE ARE INTENDED FOR ADULT EYES ONLY, so please keep that in mind before proceeding. And if you offend easily, than this collection of medieval cat art might not be for you. If these do not apply to you, then please don’t miss out, they’re too good!

Let’s get medieval!

Butt licking cats was a weirdly common theme in medieval art, and we can’t exactly figure out why. Purrpare for a little jaw-dropping on these ones…

Bob, will you stop for a moment and just look at this!

I really have no words on this one.

Nothing like a cat licking itself in the corner of your ancient scroll!

Medieval cats at play!

How flexible you are, kitty cat!

What the heck did I eat?!

That’s a whole lotta tongue action going on over there!

What big balls you have, kitty!

Now that we’ve shown you the butt-focused medieval cat art, let’s move on to some more, the next image being my purrsonal favorite…

You’ll have to fish harder for those private parts, my lord…

A cat with a face only a mother could love…

Those red toenails are simply fabulous, darling.

No words.

See, some cats do like water!

My lady, the naughty kitty has gotten into the catnip again!

Introducing, catsnail! ??

So Darwin’s Theory was right…

Did these make you laugh? We certainly hope so! If you know anyone who loves cats, history, and has a great sense of humor, share this with them to brighten their day!


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