Two Stray Kittens Win Big After Being Trapped & Saved From The Vegas Streets

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It’s not necessarily the bright lights and razzmatazz of Las Vegas that gets Christa Everhart’s blood pumping. However, what she craves in her life is usually found lurking in the dark corners and alleyways of the city. All hours of the day and night, she can be found rushing back and forth–chasing her “fix”. And the Vegas streets are FULL of the things that can give her that satisfaction. They just happen to be in the form of petite, furry felines! Christa’s desire to save the lives of the Las Vegas cats through TNR knows no limitations. Just as much as her heart will never be full. So when two stray kittens found themselves in a drop trap and in her care, they didn’t know how truly lucky they were.

Photo courtesy of Christa Everhart @seapurrtle

Christa woke up on July 3rd, 2019 to a text message about two stray kittens. 

And when I say “woke up”, I mean being startled awake by a text message at 5:40am! But for those who are involved in TNVR–trap, neuter, vaccinate, return–there is no time off. Saving lives is what comes first. Christa is a regular trapper with Community Cat Coalition of Clark County, or C5.

Photo courtesy of Christa Everhart @seapurrtle

The text was from a local feral colony caretaker. These cartakers feed and monitor feral colonies that have established a “home”. Here, they’ve found a way to co-habitat with the businesses that line the Vegas streets. Many work with local organizations, like C5, and shelters to trap and spay/neuter the cats. For those that can be socialized with humans, they are adopted out.

Photo courtesy of Christa Everhart @seapurrtle

The woman had set out two drop traps the night before with food. She had woken to both traps full–always a great thing to see! But there was an even bigger surprise in one of the traps. 

The message was trifecta! She had mama in one trap and the two babies in another! Jackpot!

The mama who had likely had numerous litters while living on the streets, would FINALLY be fixed! This is the “fix” that Christa strives towards. However, this mama was very feral and wouldn’t be able to be transitioned into a home-life/indoor cat. She would be fixed and returned to the colony.

Photo courtesy of Christa Everhart @seapurrtle

Knowing 3 more cats from the rough Vegas streets would be helped that day, Christa had quickly jumped out of bed.

She rushed about her morning routine which includes feeding the 19 hungry animals in her home! Only 4 of those mouths are her “resident” cats. The rest are all fosters from Vets for Abandoned Pets. *Bless her heart!

Christa mentally prepared herself for what reality lay before these 3 cats. If the kittens were over 2 pounds, they could be fixed too. If they were not, they would require a foster home–something in HIGH demand during kitten season. Once they hit the weight marker, surgery would be scheduled and then adoption, if a possibility.

Of COURSE they were under the weight minimum. So it was decided, they would be joining Christa’s every-growing foster family.

Photo courtesy of Christa Everhart @seapurrtle

But first, there were other items on the daily checklist that had to be done. As it is with animal rescuers, these lists must be flexible or at the very least written in pencil. 

The kittens rode along with me as I took mama to the staging area to await surgery. Then I went to feed a friend’s cat while she is out of town. As I was doing that, I got a call to pick up a cat trapped from another location. Then we were headed back to the staging area.

Yes, as calls come in I just zigzag through town. I finally got home with my passengers who were a little hissy and freaked out, but have since settled down quite nicely in the playpen.

The two stray kittens are both girls and just as sweet as can be. 

It has been just a few days now that the girls have been with Christa and they are doing great. They have some amazing playing skills which helped lead to their names. 

And in honor of women’s soccer they are Alex (black) and Morgan (gray). Welcome to the tribe little ones! Time for adoption boot camp!!!

Alex and Morgan are certainly two brave girls. They began exploring the home right away, showing little fear of the unknown location. They are just around two months old and in prime kitten form.

Photo courtesy of Christa Everhart @seapurrtle

Being off the hot and crowded Vegas streets now, these kittens can actually BE kittens! You wouldn’t think it, but kittens actually have to learn how to play…safely that is. That means you have to eventually come back down the cat tree after scaling the tower!

So now, Christa’s wakes up to 21 mouths to feed. That’ll likely change soon so she is always sure to update her Wishlists for donating supporters. Without the help of others, she couldn’t help save these cats from certain death. And with her TNVR efforts, there will be hundreds–if not thousands–of felines saved from that same Vegas street life.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @seapurrtle too to see who gets to welcome Alex and Morgan into their furever homes. After all, the “goal” is goodbye! Will it be YOU who hits the jackpot next?! 

Photo courtesy of Christa Everhart @seapurrtle


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