Courageous Month Old Kittens Fight Their Way Out Of The Taped Box They Were Abandoned In!

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I’m not going to lie–it’s RARE people enjoy going to the dentist. So when Florida residents Anthony John LeNerdo and Nina Yoakum were on the way to his appointment Wednesday, June 19th, they didn’t mind an interruption. Especially when it came in the form of saving THREE tiny one-month-old kittens they found on the side of the road. The worst thing is that they had been discarded in a taped box–with no way to escape.

Screenshot: Facebook video by Anthony

Fortunately, with heavy rains in the area, the taped box became flimsy enough for a kitten “jail break”. 

As Nina was preparing to turn out of the neighborhood on the way to the dentist, they had spotted the bright orange Tide Pods box. Disgusted by the trash just littering the streets, they were shocked when a tiny black kitten appeared from behind the garbage!

Photo courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady

They immediately stopped the car and ran over to investigate. Poor Nina was heartbroken when she opened the soggy cardboard to find another kitten inside. Anthony filmed through the shock as the two scared kittens wobbled around at their feet in the grass. 

The escapee had been out of the box for an unknown amount of time. But the poor baby had the dirty fur to show it hadn’t been an easy time.

Without a second thought, Anthony said “All right. Well, let’s take care of them”. And for sweet Nina, even the fact that she’d JUST been told by her doctor that she’s allergic to cats, didn’t cause her to hesitate for a moment. She grabbed the kittens and headed back to the car.

Screenshot: Facebook video by Anthony

Anthony searched the area for any other kittens who may have escaped the box of intended doom. 

It wasn’t long before he happened upon another tiny victim of the taped box. It was a little calico kitten wandering not too far off from the scene. Easily picked up, the kitten was brought to join it’s siblings and a tearful Nina.

Anthony returned to do another sweep along the brick wall of the neighborhood and opposite side of the street. Thankfully they didn’t find any other kittens so they rushed these three to the nearest shelter. 

Screenshot: Facebook video by Anthony

The tiny kittens were severely underweight and malnourished. At 4 weeks of age they were weighing in at the size of 2-week-old kittens! It’s crushing to think they were without their mother for even longer than they were in the taped box.

Screenshot: Facebook video by Anthony

They were all given dewormer and confirmed there were no additional injuries or apparent viruses. The calico and tortie kittens are females and the little black panther is a male. 

Sadly, they weren’t able to accept the kittens into their organization. But Anthony and Nina were determined to care for the kittens until a foster could be found. Posting their plea and baffling discovery on Facebook, they were eventually able to find an experienced foster mom.

Screenshot: Facebook video by Anthony

By that evening, the kittens had gone from a taped box to the home of Dani The Cat Lady.

Fortunately, Dani’s has an adorably cute rotation of fosters from Kneady Kitty Rescue, with whom she partners. She was down to about 5 foster kittens–and believe me, that’s a low number during “kitten season”! So Dani happily welcomed the three desperate kittens into her home.

Photo courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady

The trio were all given much needed baths, subcutaneous fluids, B12 supplements and a tasty meal. They then did what kittens do best–look adorable sleeping.

Photo courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady

Dani is still deciding on names for the kittens so be sure to follow her pages for updates on the cuties!

And besides, who doesn’t want to start their meownings with a dose of cute kittens?!

But to save all these sweet and deserving kittens it takes a village.

From the caring souls who see these animals suffering and do something instead of ignoring it. To the giving transporters, in this case Amy Rumball, for bringing the kittens to Dani. And for those near and far who want to help, you certainly can.

Dani is always in need of life saving kitty items. You can find all the ways to help her ameowzing efforts HERE.

Kneady Kitty Rescue have more than 60 cats and kittens in their care currently. Horribly, kitten season is year round down here in Florida, so every bit helps. 

See the entire rescue video here (minimal bad language warning):

Posted by Dani The Cat Lady on Thursday, June 20, 2019


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