Cats Living In Basement For 3 Years Finally See Sunshine Again; Off On New Journey Together

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It had been three years since two cats had left the basement they called “home”! Their only companions were a water heater and furnace. Unfinished concrete walls and exposed studs were all they had to gaze upon. That is until the brothers were rescued and brought to Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. in northern Illinois. Here they saw sunlight for the first time in years. And here they began their journey to experiencing actual human companionship and love.

For Buddy and Rocky, emerging from the basement was long overdue. 

The boys are around 8-years-old now, but had been living in the “dungeon” for the last three years. 

Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc: (L) Rocky and (R) Buddy

When they were brought to Purrfect Cat Rescue, they couldn’t imagine why they were kept secluded. How could someone do that to an animal? Even more surprising, was how absolutely sweet they both turned out to be!

Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc

It wasn’t quite that way with Buddy at first though, but it’s completely understandable. No one can know what emotional and physical turmoil they experienced. Thankfully they boys weren’t in bad shape physically and at least clearly being fed. But with emotionally neglected cats, it can take a while for them to adjust to humans.

Buddy was cage aggressive to start (he does not like to be restrained) but quickly relaxed and settled in. Once out of the cage, he hasn’t stopped purring, rubbing, and talking!

It wasn’t long before both cats were wholeheartedly thanking the humans that helped rescue them. 

I mean how many cats will LITERALLY give you a hug?! Our friend and one of the founders of Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc was happy to accept Buddy’s gratitude. 

Just how does a cat show its gratitude? Meet Buddy and he'll show you! He (and our friend, Rocky) were kept in an unfinished basement for 3 years. Possibly had not seen the sun shine for those years… for us animal lovers, we'll never understand. Buddy was cage aggressive to start (he does not like to be restrained) but quickly relaxed and settled in. Once out of the cage, he hasn't stopped purring, rubbing, and talking! He is a big boy loving life at this moment….we can only imagine how he'll feel when he has a home to call his own! ??? Available for adoption

Posted by Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc. on Monday, March 25, 2019

For Buddy and Rocky, the next couple of months they would wait patiently at the adoption center for a human of their own. Volunteers and visitors to the shelter were easily won over by the sweet senior cats.

Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc
Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc

But due to their circumstances, the rescue knew it would be best if the boys were the only cats in their eventual home. Ideally, the two would remain together as they clearly had a strong bond after their trauma.

Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc

So they worked overtime to showcase the sweet dispositions and demeanor of the boys. It proved to be quite an easy task–with models like them we can see why!

Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc
Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc

It was just this past week that the bright future of the “basement cats” was fully illuminated.

The resilient duo was adopted by a sweet gentleman who knew they needed to stay together. He happily welcomed them both into his life where they can now flourish.

You can see that Buddy was definitely ready to go to his furever home!

Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc

Although we’re sure they’ll miss the love and attention they received at their short stay with the Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc team. But the goal is goodbye, and this team of amazing humans can now move onto the next rescue. Congrats to Buddy, Rocky and their purrfect new human!

Photo courtesy of @purrfectcatrescueinc


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