Newborn Kittens Overcome Loss Of A Leg & Orphanhood; Nothing Will Stop These Fluffy Cats Now!

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If you are aware of animal rescue in ANY way, you’ll know that stray cats and kittens do not have it easy. We read their stories, pull them from the streets and/or invite them into our homes for the care they require. For a family of newborn kittens–and a lucky new friend–they all overcame their obstacles in foster care. Whether it be losing a leg right after birth, or losing your family, these brave kittens succeeded! Now, they are safe and happy in foster care and looking forward to a chance at life.

Photo: @cosmocoonie

These newborn kittens are guests at the home of Instagram user @cosmocoonie, Alina Cosi.

Working with her local humane society, Alina is happy to help foster cats and kittens when she can. That is, when work and school slow down so she can focus on the felines. Just a few weeks ago, she took in a gorgeous mama cat and her 6 newborn kittens.

Photo: @cosmocoonie

She happily shared videos of the fluffy clowder on her social media sites. 

There was something a bit different about one of the grey kittens in the litter though. Besides being the runt, the little girl named Primrose was missing one of her back legs! The good news is that there are many, many 3 legged cats in the world. Also, because she is growing from an infant without it, she’ll never know what she’s missing.

Photo: @cosmocoonie

Strays come with unknown background stories and for Primrose, as long as she’s been in rescue care, the legs has been missing. They aren’t sure how it happened but as the runt, it may just have been an unfortunately accident when she was born. There is a small portion of the bone that is sticking out from the stub. This indicates that it likely wasn’t a birth defect she was born with, but an injury at her most delicate time. 

Photo: @cosmocoonie

But the happy kittens won’t let anything stop them from thriving! 

Even when little Primrose’s leg became infected, she refused to let it hold her back. 

Her leg (stub) and wounds were infected so she has been getting medication and now is finally doing better!! I was super worried for a bit but she’s a fighter =)

Photo: @cosmocoonie

And what better family to open their furry hearts to another desperate newborn kitten in need? For another little boy born around the same time, they were an important part of his survival.

Photo: @cosmocoonie

He was found orphaned and alone as a newborn with no feline family to help him. Without assistance he would have died soon after. But the local rescuers would have none of that! Knowing the best thing for an orphaned or abandoned newborn is a mama cat, they introduced him to Alina’s fosters.

Photo: @cosmocoonie

In a joyous showing, mama cat easily accepted the new nugget into her family. (It’s very possible she later regretted adding another paw to her litter! HAHA)

Once they are of the appropriate size and age, they will all be fixed and put up for adoption.

Photo: @cosmocoonie

But for now, the kittens all get to enjoy each others company–which includes resident rescue feline Cosmo–the page’s namesake. 

Cosmo is more than willing to join in the furry cuddly piles, and even tries to help out with the grooming.

Although he may require a bit more training himself so the special moments don’t ALL turn into play time. You know how crazy “uncles” or “older brothers” can get!

Thank you so much to Alina for opening her home and heart to the stray cats of Windsor, Ontario. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for all the cute videos, updates and eventual adoption stories. We love the happy tail endings and hopefully it will “meow”tivate you to help out in your area! 


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  1. Beautiful videos and wonderful stories for these precious rescued kittens and mama’s. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely stories, all the people that are involved in rescues, rescuers, Vets, Assistants, families whom foster, etc.😆💛😻
    Thank you for sharing these stories.🌷❤🌷❤

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