3-Year-Old Bonded Cat Sisters Born Into Foster Care; Now A Month After Their Adoption, Life Is Purrfect!

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The story was, unfortunately, a familiar one. A pregnant stray cat is discovered and no one wants to “deal” with her. So they do what they can–usually meaning dropping her off at a local shelter. That, or she is simply abandoned, which is what happened to one stray cat in Wisconsin. The Buffalo County Humane Association (BCHA) welcomed the poor cat in need of love and attention. It turned out she needed more than that when they found her to be pregnant. Luckily for her, her 6 kittens came soon after her arrival at the shelter. But for two bonded sisters in the litter, they would spend their next three birthdays in foster care.

It was a long wait for the perfect adopters to see the love these two had to offer.

Time went on and as their third birthday slowly approached, they had only one wish–a forever home. 

And in the wonderful world of “happy tales endings”, these bonded sisters got just that! On March 21st, a week before their birthday, the BCHA shared the girls story again in the hopes of granting their wish.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Gregerson‎ ~ pre-adoption

Three days later and they were off to their new home with two very happy humans!

Photo courtesy of Kristen Gregerson‎

Mom Sky, was happy to share this photo of the girls in their new home. They’re happily getting used to their new toys, comfy beds and even their very own catnip plant! 

Christina (who is now known as Moira Christina) looks so relaxed! Her sister (who is now Calliope Meredith) is observing the new land from inside the cube shelf.

Photo by Sky; courtesy of Kristen Gregerson‎

Thank you so much to Sky and family for adopting a bonded pair of adult cats! You are all very lucky to have found each other, no matter how long it took. 

Thank you to Kristen Gregerson for bringing this story to our attention. Most of all, thank you for never giving up on the girls!

Photo courtesy of Kristen Gregerson‎ ~ pre-adoption

Now, a month after they joined Sky’s family, the bonded sisters are happily settled into their new lives. 

BCHA were happy to share the update on their Facebook page. 

Remember Meredith (now Calliope) and Christina (now Moira), the sisters who were born at BCHA and spent almost 3 years in foster care? They finally found their forever home just 4 days before their third birthday. Yesterday, they celebrated their one month Adopt-iversary, and their mom sent us this great update:

“I can’t believe it’s been a month already! The girls have transitioned fantastically. Did you know that Moira likes to play fetch? They both explore the entire house and love spending time looking out windows at birds. They play together and run everywhere.

Photo: @bchapets

Calliope has gotten brave, but is still sometimes cautious and waits for her sister to try things out first. Moira always likes to be close to us and will come up to you and ask for pets. They have met new people and will come out and see them after about a half hour. They both have snuggly moods and enjoy sitting with us on the couch. Calliope was on my lap for the first time ever this past Sunday, and it was for about 45 minutes!

Their favorite time is dinner time and they sing nightly for their food. They cuddle together at night and give each other baths. But most importantly they brighten our days, and we love them both so much.”

Photo: @bchapets

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