Two Domestic Co-Mama Cats Brought To Big Cat Rescue For Fostering ~ With 10 Kittens In Tow!

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Not only do the volunteers and staff at Big Cat Rescue love the big cats, they all have a soft spot for the more “manageable” felines too. That is, if ANY cat were “manageable”! But for two female cats in Tampa, Florida, they seem to be managing a large clowder of kittens just fine. These aren’t two big cats that are calling the sanctuary home now, these are two domestic cats. And along with BCR, they are collectively helping raise 10 kittens! 

The details of their origin story are fuzzy, like so many others. 

The two felines were turned over to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) in February 2019. With them were 10 tiny little fluffball kittens–but whose was whose?! They had been found together with the large pile of kittens. It looks as if they are all born within days of each other too!

 “Damn you, kitten season!” *shakes fist at sky*

Screenshot Video: BigCatRescueTV

With no one else to help the two brave females, they apparently turned to each other. And these ladies proved to be quite capable with the piles of kittens in their charge! They are sure to take turns during feedings and cleanings, to get a well deserved break.

Screenshot Video: BigCatRescueTV

Not only do they do all they can for their babies, they watch–and wash– each others backs too!

Screenshot Video: BigCatRescueTV ~ “Tag! You’re in!”

There was no way the HSTB could imagine separating this new “Brady Bunch-esque” family, but they needed human help. 

Big Cat Rescue and it’s foster program was the purrfect solution for the unique situation. There were plenty of staff, interns and volunteers to watch over and care for the entire brood while they grow. They were brought to BCR on February 16th by assistant manager Karma Lynn Hurworth, better known as Kitten Karma.

The tiny nuggets were then introduced to the world just a few days later by intern Tanya Heidi Chute. Seriously though, what’s cuter–the kittens or Tanya’s South African accent?! HAHA The HSTB wasn’t sure which kittens “belong” to which mama, but it’s pretty clear with some…

Welcome to the world new babies <3 Big Cat Rescue Kitten Karma – Big Cat Rescue

Posted by Tanya Heidi Chute on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tanya happily introduced each little baby, making sure to check her cheat sheet for the 5 all black kittens!!! They had to have their baby claws painted a different color to tell them apart.

Screenshot from Tanya Heidi Chute Facebook video

Introducing, the “C-kittens”–Camille, Cassius, Chive, Chad, Chandler, Channing, Chula, Cordelia, Chase and Chester!

Photo courtesy of Kitten Karma – Big Cat Rescue; Collage by Elizabeth Detrick

As a bonus, when the kittens became old enough, they would be able to visit a very special place at Big Cat Rescue!

Here, not only would they have the watchful eyes of BCR, the entire world could view the growing furry potatoes. =)

Just how was this possible though? Yes, you can see kittens romping in their happy place during your BCR tour. But what of those not in the area or visiting? You can watch the babies from the comfort of your own home. World, welcome to the Kitten Cabana Live Camera!

Screenshot from LIVE Kitten Cabana at Big Cat Rescue ~ 4/3/2019

On March 27th, the growing kittens were let loose in the Kitten Cabana to a thrilled audience. 

For kittens in the BCR foster program that are healthy and old enough, they are dropped off at the Cabana during the day. Here, they get to romp and play with other kittens, learning important socialization skills.

Screenshot from LIVE Kitten Cabana at Big Cat Rescue

After their humans are done working, they are picked back up to spend their nights getting some human attention. Since their mothers are still with them, they get a peaceful break from the kids for a few hours. Purrfect for all!

Screenshot Video: BigCatRescueTV

Once the kittens reach the size and age for their spay/neuter surgery, they can then be adopted out.

They are all adopted out through the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Please be sure to follow the kittens journey though to see their adorable little personalities. Then, when the time is right, you can apply to bring the cutie–or cuties–into your home. 

Until that time comes, Big Cat Rescue can use our help. 

2 Cats + 10 Kittens = Super Cute!!

Two mommy cats were turned in to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, each with a litter of kittens they are co-parenting. They are the cutest little blended family!!

Posted by Big Cat TV on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

“Kitten Season” in Florida, sadly, lasts all year long. This means that kitten supplies are always needed. BCR is a non-profit big cat organization, but many don’t realize they have a domestic kitten program. Because they have a large foster area and lots of cat lovers to care for numerous kittens, it’s always good to have supplies stocked up. Please visit their donation page at to help the BCR cats, big and small!!! 

You never know when you’re going to become responsible for a dozen furry lives!

Photos courtesy of Kitten Karma – Big Cat Rescue; Taken by Tanya Heidi Chute


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