New Music Video Features Stray Cat As The Lead Actor In Love Story; True Love At It’s Finest

“Now That I Found You” Featuring Shrampton The Cat

Musicians, artists and creators in all crafts use their medium to bare their souls. Their deepest thoughts, secrets and desires pour out in their passion projects. This allows the rest of us a personal glimpse into their unique worlds. For Canadian singer/songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen, that apparently includes cats–many, many cats. In her newest music video, the pop star stumbles upon a stray cat one rainy night. Huddling in a box, the ginger Scottish Fold quickly wins her heart and a place in her home.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

With her acceptance of the handsome boy into her life, she releases her full-on crazy cat lady gene.  

It begins innocently enough, with a beautiful, sunny morning overlooking the city. A fully rested Jepsen leisurely wakes up to a patient and silent cat lying on her bed. The two gaze at each other lovingly, happy to be starting a new day, and life, together.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

There are no morning “butt shots”, where the cat is starving and meowing at her to get up and feed him. HAHA

Already makeup’ed (you know, how we all wake up), Jepsen jumps in the shower. Her shower curtain even happens to have a kitty peering window! The well adjusted cat is seated comfortably on the toilet, because we all know cats love bathrooms. With the ameowzing acoustics that come with singing in the shower, Jepsen proclaims her love for her new companion.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

It’s then time to begin their day, simply enjoying each others company. 

After a tasty milk and cereal breakfast, it’s time to tap into Carly’s artistic side. What to paint, what to paint, though? Well clearly she has the purrfect muse who inspires her. Now there will be a portrait to commemorate their bond.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

That evening she celebrates her new budding relationship over a candlelit dinner.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

Her feline is looking quite dapper and she just can’t help snapping photo after photo after photo. One of the first signs of feline inFURtuation is a phone full of kitty pics.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

The next sign is when that one cat turns into two, three, four….ten, and you find yourself surrounded. 

Jepsen’s painting skills are put to the test when she has to update her beloved family portrait. After all, each fur-baby must be represented! Clearly, she’s a firm believer in “the more, the merrier”.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

This skewed view of cat-reality again is evident in a bedroom full of cats, with not ONE trying to lie on her face. Clearly, there is a secret the rest of us do not know!

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

Shower serenades have become a full concert to a willing audience.

The intimate flicker of the candles at dinner, now illuminate a dozen pairs of eyes surrounding Jepsen.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

Her clothing has morphed into feline related, fur covered attire. What better way to show the world you are a proud cat lover than on your entire wardrobe?!

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

Then Carly approaches the “gone too far” line, flings herself over it and delves into a crazy cat world not many people EVER visit. 

She has slid headfirst down a VERY slippery slope of cat multiplication, but has adjusted well–depending on who you ask. Just make sure that person you ask isn’t ALSO smoking catnip from a milk filled hookah!

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

Jepsen, donning a full cat bodysuit then flops back onto the couch, sinking into a nip-infused haze. She is soaring through space, surrounded by her furry ginger soulmate and floating milk bottles.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

Suddenly she bolts up in bed and we learn her multi-cat household and nip-trip’s were just a dream. Glancing to the empty side of the bed, she reaches out for her main ginger man–but where is he? Turning, her heart drops as she sees her wide open bedroom window.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

The sunny day turns into another rainy night as Jepsen is combing the streets for her lost boy–in very large heels of course. 

She is approaching the abandoned boxes where she first fell in love with him. Peeking out from under her umbrella, her heart drops as she sees the empty box. But wait! Behind her, huddled under an umbrella and shielded from the fat raindrops falling, is “her” cat. Waiting in none other than the arms of a (hopefully) single cat guy.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

A shocked and overwhelmed Jepsen approaches the males, both who have a direct line to her heart. She is immediately smitten with the man who saved her cat (of one day), and now they can all live happily ever after.

The lesson to learn here–take home stray cats and eventually they’ll lead you to your purrfect match.

Screenshot: Video “Now That I Found You” @CarlyRaeJepsen

Happens all the time for people, right? HAHA The finding a stray cat part anyways!

But whether the fantastical “tail” is accurate or not, it’s a sweet reminder of one thing. True love isn’t necessarily only between humans. Our beloved pets hold a special place in our hearts that can, and will, never be replaced. 

By the way, for those of you wondering, the handsome ginger boy in the video is Shrampton. He is an 8-year-old Scottish Fold that you can follow on Facebook and Instagram too!

Photo: @shrampton

Jepsen told in a recent article just how this idea came to be. She’d recently had a new cat show up in her personal life as she was working on the track.

“The lyrics were going through my head, and I woke up one morning and I saw the cat and I was still kind of not used to him being in my life,” she said. “‘Waking up next to you every morning’ started playing in my head and I kind of laughed out loud. I was like, that’s what I want this video to be about: just a cat-lady obsession.”

See the full video here:


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