Anonymous Call Directs Vet Staff To Two Boxes Filled With A Mix Of Abandoned Cats & Kittens!

In early October 2018, we had to take our oldest boy Cole to the veterinarian for an annual checkup. While there and talking about animal rescuing, our vet Dr. Saleh mentioned that the office had recently taken in thirteen cats and kittens. But these felines weren’t found at a local stray colony or a hoarding situation. 

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital

They were found abandoned in taped boxes, in a corner of the office parking lot. 

It happened on September 24th at Ehrlich Animal Hospital in Tampa, FL. An anonymous phone call was received leading to very questionable events. Apparently the individual was concerned by something they’d happened to notice on the property. 

The caller was alerting us to the unusual fact that there were two boxes at the far end of our parking lot. Vet nurses David and Lucia went outside to investigate. The two boxes were completely sealed with packing tape. They quickly noticed that there was movement inside and David sprung into action.

Screenshot ~ Ehrlich Animal Hospital

I’m not sure if the person was trying to play it off like they drove by and saw the boxes, so decided to call on a whim? Maybe they had been walking by but what, didn’t stop to investigate? Come on, not buying it. In my opinion, this was just another case where someone deliberately abandon animals.

Even bracing themselves for the worst, when David cut the tape they were still shocked to their cores at what they found. 

The “cardboard dungeons” were opened once safely back in the office. Out of the first, came a 4-month-old male cat. He wasn’t alone though. There were four 7-week-old kittens with him. 

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital

Not expecting it to be worse than that, opening the second box was an even sadder sight. It contained a 2-year-old female who wasn’t alone either. She had her SEVEN 3-week-old kittens with her! 

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital

All the felines were quickly examined to address any issues they may have had. But they were all relatively healthy. As usual, it just makes me sadder/madder to think they were inside cats and just abandoned. How hard would it be to get the male and 4 other kittens into a box? Unless they trusted the person who did it… argh. I’m getting all fired up again.

Okay, we can focus on the good aspects of their heinous act I suppose. 

One; They left them secured so the animals couldn’t get out and escape. The office is located on a very busy street and they almost surely would have been hit in traffic. It’s actually only a mile or two from where we rescued our other kitten, Zig Zag. She was on that SAME road, avoided tragedy and climbed up into a car waiting in the turn lane! (Video here)

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital

Two; The left them near an animal hospital and called to alert the staff, likely soon after the deed was committed. Right next to the office is an apartment complex, so were they living there previously? Were there more cats that were in danger of abandonment? Hopefully, those who did this know they can reach out for help before it gets to this level again.

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital

Regardless of how they ended up in their circumstances, the animals were now in the best hands possible. 

Yes, I’m being biased. However, with the amount of vet visits our personal family has had there, by now it’s likely we’ve put at least one of them through college. Was worth every penny! Sorry Marm.

Photo property of Cole and Marmalade ~ Baby Marm visits Ehrlich Animal Hospital back in 2013

Ehrlich Animal Hospital isn’t just a group of caring, experienced and honest animal lovers. They’re so much more–you may even say angels. From the day the “box cats” arrived, EAH decided they would care for them in-house. They kept their Facebook and Instagram followers updated on their progress.

They have been treated for upper respiratory infections. They’re current on vaccines, heartworm and flea prevention now as well. These kids are going to be ready for adoption soon! We would love for them to end up in a forever home with one of our wonderful clients!


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What makes you happier than a kitten? Think about…… NOTHING 😂 🐾❤️ come meet and play with our adoption kitties. You know you want to!

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It may not seem like much, but for those 13 cats, it’s everything.

The staff are not only there for their patients and surprise cats that show up. It’s what they help do in the community that makes them true angels.

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital 

Ehrlich Animal Hospital created the Animal Angels Assistance Fund in an effort to provide discounted medical services to pet owners who are unable to cover the full cost of some services for their pet. Some examples of medical services covered by the Animal Angels Fund include pain management, minor surgical procedures, and emergency care. As part of our contribution to this fund, we discount Animal Angels’ recipients total cost by 20 percent; the Animal Angels Fund covers the remainder of the client’s cost. 

Over the next weeks, the cats and kittens found homes and were off to new adventures. 


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Scooby and his new friend (the kitty cat patrol) are busy this Friday, you know, playing hard at work ❤️🐾💕🐾💕

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My goal was to write up the story and see what we could do to help get him adopted and raise funds for the animal hospital. Then the office had a special visitor for the holiday season. This is a purrticularly wish-granting individual, but only if you believe with your whole heart. 

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital ~ Santa and Dr. Saleh

It was little Angus, one of the 7-week-old kittens. Now nearing 4 1/2 months in age, he was the last kitten that needed to find a home. He’d been neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and overlooked. I could not fathom how that was possible. He was SO extremely happy at the attention I was giving him, I could barely snap a clear shot as he rolled around! 

Photo: JessiCAT @EhrlichAnimalHospital

Thank goodness for video phones. 

My goal was to write up the story and see what we could do to help get him adopted and raise funds for the animal hospital. Then the office had a special visitor for the holiday season. This is a purrticularly wish-granting individual, but only if you believe with your whole heart.

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital ~ Santa and Dr. Saleh

And apparently Angus did, because on Christmas Eve he was finally adopted! 

I wish I could say it was Santa that adopted him or that I even had photos of his new family. But alas, we will have to use our imaginations to visualize a happy Angus in his home now. 

For these lucky 13 abandoned cats and kittens, they prove many a sad thing though.

Cats of ANY age can, and will devastatingly, continue to be abandoned. People aren’t educated on what to do for the animals–starting with Spaying / Neutering your cats and community cats. There are less being abandoned because less are being unfairly born to suffer.


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Nursing time! Great job momma cat 🐱 🐾 #kittensoninstagram #litterofkittens

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The most important thing that we can do is show our support. Support for our veterinarian offices and the life-saving work they do. Support for the TNR volunteers that are out in the trenches helping the street cats that have no one else. If you can’t get out there with them, please consider donating to your local vet, no-kill shelter and/or rescue organization. 

There will never be enough angels out there for these fragile soula. Thank you to all the vet staff and office workers at Ehrlich Animal Hospital for helping these cats and the Cole, Marmalade, Jugg and Zig Zag family <3 

Photo courtesy of @EhrlichAnimalHospital


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  1. Such commitment this animal hospital has. Many thanks for all they do including treating Marmalade with his challenges. And grand thanks for helping these thirteen babies.

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