Cat Found With Three Broken Legs; Foster’s Boyfriend Being Investigated For Animal Abuse

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It’s a place where animals are supposed to be able to recover from trauma. A place where they’re safe from the horrors of the outside world. Lives filled with unimaginable heartbreak are given a fresh start within the comforting walls. At least that is what a foster home is expected to be. For one cat in Utah, her foster home proved to be the opposite. Now, pretty tortie cat Freya is the center of an investigation revolving around her foster home and three…yes, THREE broken legs! 

Photo: @anbrescue ~ You can literally see tears in her eyes! =(

It all started with a seemingly caring and innocent phone call on February 21st, 2019.

A New Beginning Animal Rescue (ANBAR) in Layton, UT received the call from one of their new fosterers. She was a bit concerned as the cat Freya, had jumped out of her boyfriends arms and was acting “strange”. She hadn’t seen it happen but thought the cat had possible hurt her leg. The shelter set up an appointment for Freya to go to the vet immediately. 

When their veterinarian, Dr. Kristie Ellis called the shelter to report on the findings, the first thing she said shocked them. 

“Please sit down”.

The vet then informed them that Freya not only had an injury to one of her legs, she had three broken legs WITH multiple fractures! Sadly, she also confirmed that there was NO way that type of damage could have happened falling from someone’s arms. The cat had to have been thrown against the wall or the floor. 

Photo: @anbrescue

The shelter is absolutely horrified, heartbroken and infuriated that this occurred. 

Just as with any animal foster home or foster based rescue organization, each foster is screened. They are interviewed, fill out all required documentation and home visits were even conducted. Unfortunately, there is no way to control who is passing through that world. People come and go as they please. It’s actually beneficial for foster animals to have contact with many people to socialize them. 

Photo: @anbrescue

But as a foster parent, it’s your responsibility to supervise visitors and not put the animals in danger. Whether this woman was present when the incident happened or not, cannot be proven. When she called, was she covering up for the man or did she truly not know the extent of the situation? Is she in danger of his wrath as well? Unless they confess, there is no way to confirm what happened to Freya.

Angry does not even come close to what we feel. We have turned this case over to the State Investigator and hope that the right thing will be done with the man who hurt Freya. The injury happened several days ago but they didn’t tell us until yesterday and let her suffer!

We now have to focus on sweet Freya and help her and make her whole again.

Photo: @anbrescue

That road to recovery will be long and costly for poor Freya. 

Not only will her bones and physical being have to mend, her emotional state will need time to repair the damage done. While Freya concentrated on overcoming the turmoil, A New Beginning Animal Rescue began raising funds for her. With three broken legs needing surgery and a long expected recovery period, it would certainly be costly. 

Photo: @anbrescue

They shared the story on their Facebook page to the horror of their followers. 

PLEASE, help us to help her. We feel very responsible that this happened to her, even though we couldn’t foresee this. She will need multiple surgeries, with the first one starting tomorrow. She had to be stabilized first because of all the trauma.

The first surgery went well and Freya would have a special soul looking after her during her rehabilitation period.

Dr. Ellis will actually be fostering Freya for the next few MONTHS while she heals! It’s hard even now to look at the x-rays of her fragile bones before and after the first surgery. 

She is doing well, we fixed her back leg with an external fixature and one of the front legs with a pin. 

Photo: @anbrescue

We placed bone grafts in both legs that we fixed. Her other leg we decided just to splint and surgery took 4 hours. 

Photo: @anbrescue
Photo: @anbrescue
Photograph: @anbrescue

Dr. Ellis estimates the total costs for her surgeries to be around $2500.00! That doesn’t include any issues that may arise and the basic aftercare funds that will likely be needed. 

Her pain is being controlled with heavy duty pain meds. When they shaved her legs for surgery, one of the legs was black and blue and purple from trauma. Here are more pictures of the poor baby, please note that they are graphic!

Photo: @anbrescue
Photo: @anbrescue

Please consider donating to Freya’s costs and following their social media pages to follow her successes. We’re sure with the attention she’s being given, the affection being showed to her finally and the caring workers helping her heal, it won’t be long until she’s running and playing in her very own forever home!

*Please also remember that the investigation is ongoing!

The shelter is not going to hand out the suspects name so (well-deserved) retribution can be handed out. They are not going to give out details that will do anything to harm the case.

The FORMER fosterer’s name will be shared in private with other local shelters and rescue organizations however. They want to be sure that the couple isn’t allowed to have access to more animals in the future through them. Sadly, they can’t monitor everything they do, but rest assured–they’re doing all the can to give Freya justice. 

Photo: @anbrescue


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