Black Cat Works His Magic And Holds Up Professional Soccer Match

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Cats are wildly entertaining, we can all agree on that. With their crazy antics, they provide us with endless comic relief and their unexpected surprises always leave us guessing. For one black cat, he thought it would be a great idea to hold up a professional soccer match for an entire two minutes! The event took place at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England this past Saturday during a Premier League match.

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This black kitty from across the pond appeared to have come out of nowhere.

It was clear that after he “pitch invaded” for nearly three minutes, he wasn’t going away without stealing the show first. Sounds like a typical cat to me! (And don’t worry, I had to google the term–it’s american for storming the field and holding up a game. Thankfully in this case it was a cat and not a streaker per usual in the States!)

Reporter John Acres took the opportunity to fill the feline romp with some purrfect commentary that had television viewers cracking up.

‘Where has this cat come from? He looks quite brave, he’s in the penalty area, he’s making a run towards goal this black cat now. Is he going to end up in the back of the net?

‘He’s just gone wide. Skirted across the six-yard box. Stopped. Has a look around. Eyes up the Everton fans. Sees a steward. Steward sees him. Is the steward going to try and catch the cat? 

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‘No he’s off. He’s going towards the substitutes, jinks one way, and then the other. The cat’s still going. Left wing, running towards the bench now.

‘The cat now runs for the Everton goal. Can he make it across the line? He heads towards the post. Oh, he’s just wide!’ 

The Wolves coach was none too pleased by the black cat’s unexpected antics, voicing his complaints in a post-game interview.

Clearly this was unsettling for the Portuguese native, Marco Silva, as black cats are a symbol of bad luck in his home country. (*insert eye roll*) Apparently not today Marco!

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After the cat disappeared, the game was able to resume, with referee Lee Mason adding seven minutes of injury time at the end of the game.

We hope that the cat found his way back home as no one is sure where he went. Slick moves cat, slick moves.

Liverpool’s mayor, Joe Anderson was just one of many Twitter followers that shared their opinions on the feline invasion. With absolutely NO holding back! 

Perhaps the Wolves coach will invite black cats to all future matches since now they’re currently in the lucky #7 position in the EPL standings?!

Highlights from the game


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