Rare 5-Legged Stray Kitten Rescued!

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Animal Control officers in Southern Georgia were shocked when they found a stray male kitten in Tift County in December. The feline wasn’t like the hundreds of others they’ve pulled from the streets though. This was a 5-legged kitten! 

Photo courtesy of Ranger’s Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Clearly in need of assistance, the 6-month-old black and white tuxedo cat was hobbling due to the deformity. On his front right side, there were 2 short dangling limbs, neither reaching the ground. The tilted 5-legged gait was obviously causing pain and stress on his other legs. 

Unable to scratch with the paws, the limited, random nails had grown unchecked as well. 

Photo courtesy of Ranger’s Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

The additional leg and stunted growth was likely due to inbreeding in the wild. This is just one more reason to spay/neuter not only your family felines, but stray and feral colony cats! 

He was transferred to the care of Ranger’s Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs, who happily also welcome cats into their organization. Upon arriving, he would need to be seen by their experienced veterinarian, Dr. Terry. The specialist would determine if the leg, or legs, would need to be removed to improve his quality of life. 

Posted by Ranger's Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The extra-legged kitty was named “Kali Pa”.

He was originally believed to be a female and named Kali “Ma” in honor of the Hindu goddess Durga, Kail being one of her names. When they discovered he was male, they changed it to “Pa”.  

“Durga is multi-limbed so that she may always be ready to battle evil from any direction. In most depictions, she has between eight and 18 arms and holds a symbolic object in each hand.”

Hindu Goddess Durga, also known as Kali

The medical team found that the legs were of no use and he would undergo the surgery to become a 3 legged “tripod” kitten. This would have to wait though. He was suffering from a severe URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) that would delay the surgery. 

For the next 2 weeks he fought his infection and despite everything, Kali Pa is the sweetest kitten. 


As 2018 came to an end, so did Kali Pa’s life as a 5-legged cat.

He was finally 100% healthy and had the amputation surgery on Monday, December 31st. The procedure was a success and he is healing up at the hospital.

If all stays on track, Kali Pa will be up for adoption in about 2 weeks. He’ll move to a foster home to await a furever family who recognizes just how special he is…no matter how many legs he has!! 

Photo courtesy of Ranger’s Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

If you are interested in adopting this adorable, once 5-legged, now tripod kitty, please visit nycsecondchancerescue.org to fill out their cat application.

Kali Pa may have lost some of his limbs, but his heart has only grown with he love and care he’s received! 

Photo courtesy of Ranger’s Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs


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