Naughty House Cat Dupes Store Patrons Into Thinking She’s A Stray

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Minnie the cat from Netherfield in Nottingham, UK is a kitty with a clear agenda. Each day, she takes it upon herself to escape her home and post up at the local Co-op Food store. She uses this location as a means to dupe store patrons into thinking that she’s a hungry stray in search of her next meal! 

Store patrons have taken a liking to Minnie, typically offering her food with her Puss in Boots eyes that you can’t say no to.

And her family who lives a block away has given up trying to bring her home several times a day. Her mother, Charlie happily remains with the family unlike her wandering daughter. 

“When we go and see her at the Co-op she’s the nicest cat ever, but as soon as we get her home she’s just vile,” says Andrea Blower, Minnie’s owner. “She tricks everyone into feeling sorry for her.”

Photo courtesy of Andrea Blower

The 4 year old tabby kitty has been frequenting the Co-op Food shop for the past year, and her human has given up trying to fetch her devious kitty who is not pleased and finds a way to leave again the minute she’s brought back to her real home.

Instead, her sign (as you see in the Twitter image above) serves as the reminder to shop patrons that she is “kept” but rather chooses to pass her time at the Co-op down the road.

Image Courtesy of Netherfield Co-Operative Food store

Until recently, Minnie’s owner would go claim her “lost” cat up to 8 times per day. But now, she realizes her cat is happiest when doing what she wants, where she wants. Sounds like a feline if you ask me!

“I go and check her two or three times a day but there’s no point bringing her home. She scratches someone or bites someone and goes out the door again,” Andrea said.

Minnie was sure to be present for her purrents recent marriage ceremony held at their home and again on Christmas day. Andrea said it was a blessing and believes Minnie knew they were important days for the family to be together.

We all know good and well that cats are opportunists.  Andrea hopes that if storegoers stop feeding her cat, hopefully she’ll stay home rather than post up at the store about a minute walk away.

Photo @becca.f.x

Jerry Winfield is the store supervisor of Netherfield Co-op. She claims that “loads” of people flock to the shop in hopes of catching of glimpse of Minnie the “stray” and “hungry” kitty.

Jerry was quoted as saying: “We get customers coming to the counter and saying ‘Can you give this to the cat?’ and we say ‘No.”

Sounds like this dramatic cat needs an Academy award–because she’s quite the little actress! But aside from the scraps, Minnie reportedly likes all the oohs and ahhs she gets from store patrons as well.

“She just loves the attention.”

Image Courtesy of Caroline James – BBC News

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