Male Lion Fears The Worst When Surrounded By 20 Hyenas–Until A Familiar Face Steps In!

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I think it goes without saying–especially for us big cat and little cat lovers–that we know lions are at the top of the food chain. These strong and powerful big cats are feared by all prey that crosses their path…especially when those inferior animals are worried they may become lunch for a lion.

Screenshot via YouTube – BBC Earth

On a recent episode of the BBC series, Dynasties, Sir David Attenborough lends his voice to narrate the plight of Red the lion who finds himself trapped among a pack of 20 ravenous and angry hyenas.

Typically a hyena would be no match against this ultimate predator, but 1 against 20 immediately proves deadly for Red the lion.

Screenshot via YouTube – BBC Earth

He turns quickly, sharp teeth and razor piercing claws ripping at his flesh. You can see how the hyenas work effortlessly together to tire this King of Beasts. All so that they can earn a fresh meal. As Red grows exasperated, you can see the loss of hope that begins to flicker in his eyes. Is this the end of the line for this King?

Watch and see for yourself as hope for Red comes in a familiar face. An ally on the horizon looking to swoop in and save the day…

Okay, watching them nuzzle at the end made my heart skip a beat! Isn’t it incredible how these big cats can sometimes remind us so much of the cats we have in our homes? If you enjoyed this video, share it with you cat loving friends!


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