Shy Senior Cats Surrendered After Owner Dies ~ Adopters Did Something Not Many Would Do For Them

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This holiday season for a family of 5 in California started out with a devastating loss. Human servant to senior cats Skittles, Dan, Jasmine and Abby, passed away in early November. Leaving the 4 cats with no one to care for them. They were sadly surrendered to the Berkeley Animal Care Services (BACS) in Berkeley, California.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals ~ Skittles, 14-yr-old

Unfortunately, their situation was about to become very dire even surrendered to “animal care”.

Their lives would end on 12/3 if no one adopted the felines.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals ~ Abby

It is a heartbreaking reality for many animals left alone after their humans die. Shelters to not have the resources or space to care for them all. 

Animals who’ve known the love of a safe home and dedicated human, suddenly find themselves in a terrifying shelter environment.

One can only imagine what emotional and physical traumas they can experience.

How is a loving cat supposed to show their “best” side when they are scared out of their mind?

Photo: @berkeleyanimals ~ Dan

With a deadline looming, who will take a chance on cats that are shy, timid or acting out of fear?

For these four cats, the very full BACS shelter was almost the end of their story.

You could literally see the fear in their eyes and the displeasure on their faces.

Okay, to be fair, Skittles’s face may be permanently “grumpy”, but his eyes are absolutely soul-crushing.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

All four HATED being in the shelter. Who could blame them?!

BACS shared the plea to adopt these cats on their Facebook page.

Since the surrendered cats were previously living together, they knew they’d be okay in homes with other felines. Alternatively, the loud shelter was causing them much stress. They needed to get out of the shelter ASAP for any hope of living the rest of their lives peacefully.

Jasmine was stressed the most. This was causing the pretty girl to become quite shy. Workers could only hope that she’d be given the chance to come out of her shell in a home.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals ~ Jasmine

But the days ticked by for the surrendered siblings.

Those who couldn’t adopt any of them offered to cover the adoption fees for those who could. Others mentioned they’d be willing to foster but nothing came of these offers. The cats remained at the shelter, scared and waiting on an unknown fate.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

Thankfully, all 4 were together, but this was still in a small cage, not a carefree home. Their story caught the attention of one family who wishes to remain anonymous.

On November 29th, a wonderful holiday miracle occurred.

Visiting the shelter, the family fell in love with Skittles’s grumpy face.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

Dashing Dan couldn’t be overlooked with his luxurious ginger fur either.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

Abby refused to be ignored, and her diluted tortitude was nothing but loving.

She won a spot in their hearts.

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

Not to be left behind, shy Jasmine was coaxed out of her shell and given the love she deserves. There would by no dividing this family. All four were adopted together.

It’s okay you can grab a tissue; I definitely have something in my eye too!

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

A week after their lives were saved, the family is happily settling into their new furever home.

“Their wonderful adopter reports that they are ALL now purring and enjoying belly rubs and are very happy to be together 

But the felines growing fanbase can’t get enough of the happy tale! They pleaded for more details on the surrendered cats.

Happily, they were even treated to first-hand accounts and photos of the fur-babies.

“I heard from friends who saw this post that an update on the kitties would be appreciated. First of all thanks for so many kind thoughts and all your warm wishes for the kitties.”

“They are progressing daily and for sure Skittles is the leader of the pack!! He is the glue that holds all the kitties together and the boss.“

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

“I think like the famous ‘Grumpy cat’, Skittles just has ‘that sad face’. Dan has a huge man crush on Skittles which Skittles tolerates mostly.”

“Jasmine is in love with Dan and is coming out of her shell.”

“Abby has been more aloof and other than the cat pile in a drawer the first morning, she is not quite part of the group. But it could be because of me and she’s evaluating me from a distance.”

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

“The boys and Jasmine are getting friendlier and sitting on my lap or letting me hold them.

“For sure they have been through a lot, so each morning it’s 1 step back from the previous day then 2 steps forward by nighttime.”

“With the changes in their lives, we really don’t know everything. For sure it will take time for them to accept me before even meeting my other kitties.”

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

“The sound of the 3 of them purring up a storm while petting them is a nice sound.”

“Skittles has a vet appointment Tuesday as I think he has some form of kidney disease, but hopefully still mild. He eats like a champ and hasn’t passed up a meal yet = )”

“It’s going to take a few weeks I think before they can have a larger room to themselves, and more time I’m guessing before they see the house has other fur kids.”

Photo: @berkeleyanimals

So while Skittles, Dan, Jasmine and Abby may have lost their first human, they have plenty of new family to help them heal.

BACS hit the nail on the head reminding potential adopters about shelter pets.

“Many cats who find the shelter environment stressful and overwhelming really blossom once they have a consistent space to call their own.”

“This crew hit the kitty jackpot, and we hope their story is a happy reminder that shy shelter cats make great companions too!”


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  1. A Christmas Miracle that fills the ❤️and had gladdened the lives of 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾all these beautiful fur babies so deserving of a life beyond the death of their long time care giver. Thank goodness for the people who recognize that our senior felines deserve a second chance at a quality life.

  2. This is such a sad story with a heartwarming & happy ending. SO glad these 4 lovely cats found a loving home together. Thank you to the new pet parents for stepping up and being such kind and generous people.

  3. With so much anger and violence in this country it is wonderful to be reassured that there are truly good people in this world, like this family. You are absolutely kind, giving and compassionate. I thank you, your new family thanks you and cat lovers around the world thank you.

  4. It’s stories like these that reminds me I really need to make a plan for who would take care of our 5 cats should something happen to us. It breaks my heart to think of them being taken to a shelter, much less euthanized.
    Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story. Happy Christmas!

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