Five Feral Cats Will Have A Happy Holiday; Whether They’re On The Naughty or Nice List! =)

Passing through the seven levels of the Kitty Cat forest, and through the sea of swirly-twirly drop-traps, there lived a group of feral kittens…

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian

These siblings will have a special early holiday season this year.

They were given the gift of life through very dedicatedTNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) efforts.

Although they’re not quite sure it was on their Christmas Lists!

One seems as if he was given the feral equivalent of a lump of coal, prompting their names.

Meet the “Elf” kittens, named for the Will Ferrell insta-classic Christmas movie. (Movie trailer at the end of this article for your enjoyment!)

This is Angry Elf, the solo boy in the family.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ “He must be a South Pole elf!”

During the first round of administered medications, he squirmed out of his rescuers arms. He then proceeded to hiss, swat and attack everything in the vicinity.

“You’re an Angry Elf!”, was the first reaction to the situation.

And that’s how fur-babies are named.

Sisters Jovie, Narwhal and Puffin seem to be accepting their happy new fate a bit better.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ Jovie and Puffin snuggling

As the nights in Florida become cooler, having a warm, fluffy bed seemed to appease the girls.

Bellies full of yummy eats helped too!

Straggler sister Buddie, evaded the traps that day by hiding under a trailer, but wasn’t forgotten about.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian

Trappers returned the next day, refusing to give up on her.

They were able to rescue the unwilling little girl, reuniting her with the litter.

“The kitten allowed me to hold her without drama after we had one small disagreement where one of us bit the other. HAHA ”

They’d been living in a trailer park with their mother, who is surprisingly sweet and loving!

I’ve requested she be named Francisco, or Franny for short, because it’s just fun to say. =)

Disappointingly, people felt this was a good location to just dump unwanted cats.

They were simply left to fend for themselves.

But they found a giving heart in a local rescuer.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian

The woman refused to leave them to the elements.

She began feeding them.

With stray and feral cats, their numbers seem to explode and it was soon a full-blown colony.

As much as she did for the cats, she didn’t have the money to have them fixed or a vehicle to transport them.

This is when the TNR team from St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, FL joined the mission.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian

Andrea Budkis Christian and Samantha Sherman do more for local felines than we will ever know.

The women haven’t shied away from this rescue mission, through its successes or setbacks.

All five kittens have little bellies full of worms.

It is very common in stray/feral cats and they were started on de-worming treatments right away.

(SORRY for the photo but animal rescue isn’t always pretty!)

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ Angry Elf takes his fur-ustrations…and his upset tummy…on his food.

They are also suffering from scabies, more commonly known as “mange”. This is a skin condition caused by an infestation of mites.

It can quickly spread over the cat’s body, causing itching, hair loss and “crusts” most commonly forming on their ears.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ If Angry Elf has a warm heart, it will be found!

Scabies is contagious and means those with the symptoms have to be isolated.

Many are given the dreaded lime-sulfur dips in their treatments; always fun especially with ferals!

By the time the ladies were able to save the kittens, 2 of them were very close to not making it.

The parasites and scabies had almost claimed their lives.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian

Now they are slowly starting to feel better and all paws are crossed that they’ll stay on the healing path.

If you’re familiar with our other Andrea “tails”, you’ll know contagious things like scabies and ringworm don’t scare her off.

Welcoming the kittens into her home, Andrea is devoted to breaking through the wall around their hearts.

Angry Elf will be the biggest challenge but she approaches the situation with the purrfect amount of humor.

“Does somebody need a hug?”

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ Angry Elf trying to elude re-capturing

She has no misconceptions that all 5 kittens will easily be socialized and go onto happy indoor lives.

With feral cats, it can take weeks, even month, before they are ready to accept humans.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ Buddie is Angry Elf’s comfort blanket?

Fortunately, whatever ending these lucky cats have, it will be a happy one…where they are all spayed or neutered.

Samantha will be taking the “Elf” kittens, and 4 more found indoors at the residence, to be fixed.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ 4 more kittens who will be fixed from the area

Poor mama has additional issues with one of her eyes from untreated illnesses.

Once that is cleared up and she’s feeling better, she will also be spayed.

With her friendly demeanor, she’ll likely be happy to be an indoor family cat.

Only time will tell with the kittens.

For now, we’ll be following the “Elf” litter’s story on Andrea’s Instagram page and wishing for a Christmas miracle <3

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Budkis Christian ~ Narwhal and Buddie

The goal is to socialize them and find them “homes for the holidays”.

“I think you’re really beautiful and I feel really warm when I’m around you and my tongue swells up.” ~ Buddy the Elf


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  1. Angry Elf (or A.E.) reminds me of my own A.E. The expression on A.E.’s sweet face is totally recognizable. My own A. E. has been a challenge, but time, love, and a sense of humor will change him to a Happy Elf. Thanks to the St. Francis folks and the brave fosters who are making sure this naughty elf and his siblings have a chance at a better life!

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