Cat Shot With An Arrow Walks Up To Strangers Door, DAYS After The Incident, To Rescue Himself!


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Giving Tuesday meant something different to an orange tabby cat in Ohio. He was brought to the Humane Society of Richland County who happily gave him another chance at life. Why did he need their assistance? Well, when he arrived, the male cat had been shot with an arrow!

Missing his heart by mere inches, the lucky boy had survived the incident.

Photo: @adoptourstrays

He had wandered up to someone’s door in the Bellville, Ohio area, with the arrow sticking out of his tiny body! They rushed him to the Phillips Animal Hospital. Sadly, they found out it looked to have been a few days since he’d been hit.

The tough survivor shot with an arrow was named Oliver Queen, after the lead character in the Green Arrow comics.

Hero Oliver never lets anything defeat him and neither would his feline namesake!

Undergoing surgery, the arrow was carefully removed.

Photo: @adoptourstrays ~ you can see the arrow in the background =(

Oliver would remain at the Humane Society to recover from his ordeal. He was not fixed and had no microchip, indicating he’d probably spent his life on the streets. The poor stray boys life has likely been one experiencing the worst human kind has to offer–over and above being shot with an arrow.

Because he has no family to call his own, the costs of his surgery and follow up treatments all fall to the non-profit, humane society.

They began fundraising for him right away, knowing special cases such as Oliver’s can be costly.

He’s not out of the woods just yet, but we are hopeful for a good prognosis. If you’d like to donate for his care, please follow the link below.…/Humane-Soci…/welcome

All donations are 100% tax deductible and allow us to continue to care for the abandoned, abused, and neglected animals in Richland County. Thank you!

Since nothing is known of his life, it can only be speculated as to how he was shot with an arrow.

Photo: @adoptourstrays

Many comments on the Facebook post are saying it was not an accident.

That was no accident, I have several types of tips, this one is for target practice. The real target would have been a lot higher than a cats height and should have had bales of straw on both sides.

Others choose to believe that it was just a freak accident, but it was currently hunting season in the area.

Actually it makes way more sense that this is accidental due to the fact there is a practice round tip on. People were probably practicing in the woods hitting trees.


However this tragedy befell Oliver, he fought his way through the wilderness to his rescuers.

Safely indoors and recovering, Oliver is still somewhat reserved with the shelter workers. Makes perfect sense though after what he’s been through. As the hours go by, however, he is learning to trust them more and more.

He did lean in for some chin scratches today. We took that as a very good sign!

Numerous people instantly fell in love with the ginger boy after hearing his story.

He will need to recoup and then be neutered before he can be cleared for adoption. It doesn’t seem like it will take him too long to find a happy home.

Photo: @adoptourstrays

One person even expressed serious interest so we hope they are sincere!

I will do everything in my power to adopt him and give him the best life. I’ll call and fill out application. This boy needs a home forever and easy life after tragedy like that.

We’ll keep an eye on Oliver’s progress, because he still has quite a journey to a full recovery. Please follow The Humane Society of Richland County on Facebook to stay up to date on Oliver’s status.


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