Moon Shines On Stray Cat Found In Middle Of The Street; Illuminates His Path To Rescuers

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It was a warm June summer night in North Bergen, New Jersey. The moon was shining full, illuminating the mysterious nighttime adventures of the nocturnal creatures.

But for one furry loner, the night held unknown terrors and an insatiable hunger.

With one wrong turn down a dark road, the lives of two unsuspecting souls would forever be altered.

Photo courtesy of The Meowtsiders

As her headlights swept across the desolate road, Dana saw a shocking sight that startled her to her bones.

There, in the middle of the road shining in the moonlight, was a rough looking, scraggly male cat.

…Eating a fast food wrapper.

Just like many other “abandoned soul” hunters a.k.a. stray and feral cat rescuers, Dana had all the necessary equipment in her car.

Bravely jumping out of the car, Dana was ready to face anything that came out of the shadows. There would be no stopping her from offering a friendly hand to the ravenous critter.

Photo courtesy of The Meowtsiders

She cautiously approached the wild beast.

Their eyes met in the moonlight.

The cat let out a cry. Showing no fear at all from his disheveled body, he approached Dana with no hesitation.

The poor creature was starving, having been on the streets for an unknown amount of time.

Dana fed the famished feline, who scarfed down 2 cans of food in roughly 2 minutes! Then he topped that off with a bowl of dry food!

“There were no streetlights, just the moon shining, and the way his eyes sparkled, I knew he was quite magical.”

So Dana began calling him Wizard.

Photo courtesy of The Meowtsiders

Wizard was covered in scabs, bite wounds & fleas.

After devouring the food, he thanked her with a meow that was more like a plea for help. She couldn’t leave him there to fend for himself any longer.

She pulled out her drop trap, but Wizard just rubbed up against it and purred.

Dana scooped him up and found him a foster home through her still small but extremely effective rescue group, The Meowtsiders.

Wizard was then off to meet the mad scientist, or what we call the veterinarian.

Photo courtesy of The Meowtsiders

He is a 2-year-old, now neutered, male and up-to-date on his shots.

They found he had some wicked bite wounds and a huge abscess on his neck. The vet basically said it seemed that’s he’s been fighting a lot…and losing.

Receiving medication for a bacterial infection, he was now on his way to feeling better.

His blood work did come back showing that he is FIV+, making his rescue from the streets even more important.

?EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about it!!!?Sweet & Magical FIV+ Cat Seeks Forever HomeSound On & Please Share♥️I took a wrong turn one dark summer night, July 23rd, but ended up being right on time to rescue one abandoned, beat up cat off the dangerous streets! Meet Wizard! He was eating a fast food wrapper in the middle of the road. When I stopped he came over to me crying. I fed him and he ate two cans in two minutes and a bowl of dry food. There were no streetlights, just the moon shining, and the way his eyes sparkled, I knew he was quite magical. He was covered in scabs and bite wounds (vet would later say his condition showed he’d been fighting a lot and losing all battles?), and his meow was more like a plea for help- I couldn’t leave him there, so here we are! Wizard is a Jersey boy- currently in North Bergen, NJ. He’s 2 years old, neutered and up to date on shots. He’s very sweet, loves to sleep, loves to play, like REALLY loves to play. He will bring his toys to you! He could possibly go to a home where he could have a dog friend. I can’t really say if he gets along with dogs or other cats because he is by himself. He loves to eat and will scarf down his meal in record time! Oh & he loves treats!Wizard is FIV+. That shouldn’t discourage anyone though. FIV cats can lead long lives so don’t let that sway your decision. I love Wizard, he has the cutest face ever and is so soft in comparison to when I first took him and he was covered in scabs. He loves to be combed as well, he takes pride in his looks. But what are good looks if nobody sees them! Please share this to help me help Wizard find his humans??♥️? Thank Mew

Posted by The Meowtsiders on Monday, October 15, 2018

FIV, or the feline immunodeficiency virus, doesn’t mean Wizard can’t live a long and happy life though. Just like the monsters of the silver screen, his condition is just misunderstood.

Wizard, and other FIV+ cats like Marmalade from Cole and Marmalade, just need a few lifestyle changes and humans to love them.

Keeping FIV+ cats inside away from the possibility of battle wounds and fighting is very important.

Photo property of Cole and Marmalade

FIV is primarily spread through deep bite wounds and territorial issues can instigate this.

Having FIV+ cats spayed/neutered is also important. Not only so that the virus isn’t spread in utero, but for stray and feral cat populations that can grow to staggering sizes.

Now Wizard is loving the indoor life.

After he healed from the scabs covering his body, this little “beast” has absolutely transformed into a beauty.

“He has the cutest face ever and is so soft in comparison to when I first took him and he was covered in scabs. He loves to be combed as well. Not every cat does, but this man takes pride in how he looks!”

Photo courtesy of The Meowtsiders

With his physical recovery, Wizard has become the playful kitten he should be.

“He’s very sweet, loves to sleep, loves to play, like REALLY loves to play. He will bring his toys to you!”

The amazing and heartwarming transformation after his rescue couldn’t change one thing about him though.

He still eats with a monstrous appetite! Wizard scarfs down his meals in record time and loves getting treats. Surely these are much better than a discarded fast food wrapper.

Photo courtesy of The Meowtsiders

But now, Wizard needs the limelight again to find a fur-ever home.

He is loved deeply by all who meet him. Sadly, due to work, his foster mom doesn’t have the time to spend with him like she wants. 

He deserves a forever home where he can be doted on day and night.

If you would like to add some magic to your life, please send a direct message on Instagram to @TheMeowtsiders or email for inquiries/application.


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  1. So glad that he was found and is now safe and sound!!!! Will be keeping Wizard in my prayers that he finds his “magical” fur-ever home!!!!

    • Sounds like Wizard has magic working for him! I hope he can get a FOREVER home. I’m so happy he was found & helped. He’s a beauty. Thanks go out to the wonderful person who saved him!

  2. That’s one sweetheart of a beautiful animal. He needs to beloved ? forever. please, somebody give him a chance at life with a loving home. I have 12 ..Give him a chance. God bless him. ??????????????????

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