Cat Tortured By Chemical Burns; Difficult Recovery Rewarded With The Hearts Of His Adopters

Employees at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control (CACC) were horrified when a young cat was dropped off covered in chemical burns.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation


They had no idea of the animals history but his wounds sadly told a tale of anguish and pain.

For one employee, this tugged at her heartstrings deeply.

As a child, her younger brother was burned in an accident. He had spent the summer at a special camp. 

Here, the camp provided fun experiences for adolescents who have had tracheostomies and those who require technological respiratory assistance.

It was called Champ’s Camp

So the feline covered in burns was named “Champ”, in honor of her brother and the wonderful camp.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Champ’s battle was going to be a long and painful one.

Not only was he severely burned, he was also suffering from an Upper Respiratory Infection.

They knew if he was going to recover from this tragedy, he would require intensive and expensive treatments.

His best chance at recovery would be through Chicago’s own CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

CARF welcomed Champ on August 1st, 2018.

Even wearing bandages to protect the open sores, Champ loved playing with toys and getting attention.

He remained calm and patient when they delicately cleaned his wounds.

It was as if he knew he was surrounded by people whose only goal was to help him heal.

But Champ’s journey was long from over.

About a week later, he came down with a fever and wasn’t interested in food. Both VERY concerning issues to his caregivers.

Monitoring him closely, the medical staff at CARF did everything they could to help him.

At one point his fever reached 105.9 degrees!

Under their intensive care, he received medication, was syringe fed and given nebulizer treatments.

This was all in ADDITION to the care he was receiving for his chemical wounds.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

The staff were extremely worried their little Champ wasn’t going to make it.

Thankfully, 5 days later, the fever finally broke.

They were again optimistic he had the willpower to overcome his injuries.

By the end of August, Champ was well enough to receive something he’d been missing out on…playing with fellow felines!

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

He had conquered his nasty URI and his wounds were healing nicely.

After being laid up for an eternity, (especially in kitty years!), he was headed to a foster home.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Here, he’d be able to socialize with other cats and finally get his “kitten” on.

Once he was completely healed from the burns, he’d be neutered and then ready for adoption.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

He went in for his sterilization on September 13th. 

Champ even had a loving supporter who volunteered to be his transporter to-and-from surgery.

His story of hope and survival had touched the hearts of many CARF social media followers.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

One of those followers was a woman named Lisa Gilbert.

Lisa and her family had previously adopted a male cat, named “Kitten”, from the CARF organization.

Just as everyone else had fallen for Champ, so did Lisa.

On October 8th, the Gilberts’ welcomed Champ into her family officially.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

He now had another CARF rescue kitty as a brother and a furever home he’d be safe in.

The two boys are settling in wonderfully together. Their mom shared the blossoming “bromance” on the CARF Facebook page

“Look at who we got! It’s Champ, the chemical-burn kitty!

Thank you to CARF, Village West Veterinary, Dr Silverman, techs, CACC, transporters, fosterers, everyone who worked so hard to get him over his horrific burns. And to those who donated toward his spendy care. It was worth it.”

He is an amazing cat, very happy, and VERY ACTIVE.

Photo courtesy of CARF: Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Thanks also and especially to Allison, who made the perfect match for our other CARF cat, “kitten.”

Kitten’s a maniac, and in love with Champ. They are having so much fun together, and Allison worked hard to bring us all together. CARF rules!”


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  1. Thank God he came through… you guy’s are heroes!!!!
    Did they find out who did this horrific crime?

    They must be punished scum!

  2. What a great story ending. Poor little guy; so glad that there are caring people out there that will go the extra mile to help animals in need.

  3. May Champ never lack for love and attention, even for moment!

    But it sounds like his new family will see to that?

  4. Here’s hoping this was not deliberate but just some kind of horrible accident! God bless all the caregivers & you, too, Chris & Jessicat, for advocating for the helpless with this Mewsletter. You are both truly voices for the voiceless.

  5. I had the absolute great fortune of meeting Champ while he was being fostered. Our good friend was the one fostering him and she brought him over to our place to do some socializing. Let me tell you, if our cat was more accepting of other animals, we would have adopted him on the spot. He spent a good portion of the time wrestling with our little dog (Champ is bigger) and the rest of the time loving on my wife and me. If not for the visible injuries, you would have NO clue of the trauma he suffered. He was just a loving goofball! I’m so happy he is with a great family now and here is to a long, healthy, and happy life, Champ!

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