Abandoned Senior Cat Finally Finds Furever Home; Her Difficult Life Has Love At Last!

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Back in March 2018, volunteers working on TNR in a feral cat colony made a surprising discovery.

A 9-year-old female was trapped by Naples Cat Alliance in Naples, Florida. They realized the senior black and white beauty was different from the others. She was much too friendly to be a feral cat.

Photo: Facebook/Naples Cat Alliance

Then they noticed that she had been declawed on all 4 paws.

Obviously she had been someone’s cat and had undergone the horrific and barbaric declawing surgery. Fortunately, she wasn’t showing any pain or visual injuries from the procedure.

But sadly, many times when a cat is declawed, they can exhibit numerous behavioral issues. Was this what had happened to this poor feline that made her family abandon her?

The repercussions of being declawed can be devastating to animals. Even more so to those left to fend for themselves in the wild.

They are no longer able to scratch which is a natural behavior. If there is any pain, they will not knead with their paws which doesn’t allow them to mark and leave their scent. It could then lead to territorial issues when they believe they are being “invaded”.

Scratching also helps them stretch. If they cannot stretch their muscles, as they age, it is possible they will develop arthritis.

In this case, being left outside and declawed, she had no defenses against other predators. This could cause additional stress and she may have turned to biting as her only other option. All these are issues that make it harder to socialize for possible indoor living later.

Thankfully this lucky cats attitude was nothing but grateful as her rescuers brought her to their shelter. To think she was “thrown away” was unimaginable.

They named her Lovey, which fits her purrfectly.

She was not micro-chipped so there was no way to determine just where she had come from or how long she had been outside. At least now she would be off the streets.

By May, Lovey was still with the organization.

The odds were stacked against her for adoption. She was a senior competing with the flood of kittens that pour into shelters during kitten season.

Lovey also was suffering from dental issues and had to undergo a procedure to help correct the issues. The brave girl even had to be put on pain medication, something she would have just suffered with on the streets.

As the months went on, Lovey remained with the shelter.

She would do best in a quiet home as an only cat. This was proving extremely difficult to find her perfect fit.

Lovey was happiest being snuggled by the staff and they knew whoever was lucky enough to adopt her would love her laid-back and friendly attitude. As long as she was getting the attention she wanted…and deserved!

On September 5th, Naples Cat Alliance posted her again on their Facebook page asking followers to share Lovey’s story and help her get a home.

Just a few hours ago, they posted a heartwarming update! Lovey has found a furever family!

“We are so happy for her, she really wanted to be an only cat and snuggle with her human. Here she is in her new home and she’s very happy. We will miss you!”

Lovey now has a dedicated human to help show her that she is not something to be discarded. The family will cherish her and take care of her for the rest of her life.

It is a blessing that Lovey’s story has a happy ending. However, for many declawed and abandoned cats it does not.

Please contact your local shelter or rescue group if you would like to help feral cats, foster in your home or just show your support by donating. 

Remember; Adopt, Don’t Shop, Spay and Neuter and the Paws Need Claws! 

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