Kitten Saved in the Nick of Time; Finds Happiness With Extra Large Foster “Mom”

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When you work as a foster for kittens, many times you are racing against the clock. Precious little lives only have hours before being ended.

Bottle-baby kittens, those who still need mother’s milk and have no mama cat to feed them, are the most at risk. These kittens need to be fed formula as much as every 3 hours! This means that there are few fosters that can manage this schedule.

So when a needy kitten, only about 2 weeks old, was brought into the Humane Society of Tampa Bay late on Tuesday, rescuers scrambled to find him a home.

Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

The mini ginger was discovered at an auto shop near the intersection of Bearss and Nebraska Ave. in Tampa, FL. This very busy area is certainly NO place for animals.


One experienced fosterer, Lori Piper, knew she couldn’t leave the fur-baby to this fate and agreed to bring him home.

However, Lori has a secret weapon. Her beloved dog, Meredith.

Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

Meredith has helped Lori with 100’s of foster babies!

Photos courtesy: Lori Piper

She will let them suckle on her and even helps them “eliminate” after a fulfilling bottle feeding.

Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

Lori does have other dogs that aren’t opposed to the fluffy fosters in their home, but Meredith has a special bond with the babies that cross their threshold. 

Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

When Meredith met the half pound ginger boy, Francisco, the two immediately took to each other. 

Meredith seems to be the purrfect climbing toy. 

Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

Snuggling is only interrupted by the click of the camera, but there is no WAY Lori can pass up on sharing the cuteness. 

Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

We are VERY grateful for that! 

Lori assures everyone though that Francisco will NOT be a foster “failure”. He will be put up for adoption as soon as he is old enough. The family can then continue saving the animals in need of their special help. 

With Lori and Meredith’s training and love, we’re sure he will make his fur-ever family very happy!

Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

Remember Adopt, Don’t Shop and Spay/Neuter!

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Photo courtesy: Lori Piper

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