Senior Cat With Pica Given Less Than 6 Months To Live; Proves Them All Wrong!

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A family in Canada received devastating news about their 13-year-old cat, Kitty Kitty. She had been found eating plastic, which caused fecal issues and constipation. Even though Kitty Kitty was a senior cat, she was still running around and playing like a kitten. They took her to the vet right away. Not uncommon, many animals experience pica, which is the behavior of eating non-food material. This can be very dangerous and often deadly.

While they were there, they ran numerous tests on Kitty Kitty. What they didn’t expect to hear was that her kidney levels were extremely high even though she was showing no signs at all!

The vet estimated Kitty Kitty would likely only have about 6 months before her kidneys failed complete, IF they were lucky.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube; The 100x Vet

In shock and absolutely heartbroken, they didn’t know what to do. Kitty Kitty had been rescued from the streets by now owner, Vero Ece.

Vero recalls, “My cat, Kitty Kitty, is 18 years old. I originally found her after her previous owner left her outside to die in the cold. I searched for her for about a week and when I found her she was frail and she trusted me to bring her to safety.”

Even though Vero was financially stretched, she didn’t think twice about leaving Kitty Kitty out on the streets.

“Unfortunately, I am still paying my student loans and can only afford food and litter. I gave her everything I could and in return, I got one of the best pets someone can ask for.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube; The 100x Vet

But with the costs well out of her means, Vero was forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. She began a fundraiser entitled, “Help Euthanize My Cat”.

Sadly, she explained what had led to the situation.

“During the vet visit, I found out she had kidney failure with about 6 months to live. That was about a month ago and her condition has only worsened. She is currently constipated and has not defecated in the past 3 days. She vomits most, if not all of her food and that has been happening on and off since she came back from the vet.”

“The Humane Society offers euthanasia without any fees, but that involves leaving Kitty behind to die alone. I have severe mental health issues which in turn would make it extremely difficult for me not to be there for her final moment. This situation is already hard, but Kitty is not an independent cat and she constantly seeks comfort in her owners. She has been by my side all day as if she is telling me it’s time to go.”

“I am pleading for your help during these hard times so I can give Kitty Kitty a proper goodbye. I never imagined I would be one to start a Gofundme but this situation has brought me to tears and I will try every possible thing I can to make this situation better.”

Photo: Screenshot YouTube; The 100x Vet

One woman knew of a local mobile veterinarian who had an unusual, but purrfect, way to help the worried family.

Dr. Kristopher Chandroo (DVM, MSc, HBSc) and his partner Tarra, a registered veterinary technician, founded The 100x Vet.

Photo: Tarra and Dr. Kris – The 100x Vet heroes

The vet team uses a mobile unit to volunteer their time helping pet owners who have the WILL, but not the MEANS, to provide vet care for their pets.

Together, they have created Ottawa’s first full service, boutique house call vet service. 

Not only do they provide services for needy animals, they help others while doing so! Every time you book with them, proceeds from the exams go directly to treat other animals in need, locally and​ abroad.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube; The 100x Vet

Many times all they ask for is approval to film and create a YouTube video for their channel that will help spread the word of their work.


Nervously, Vera reached out and made the appointment with Dr. Kris and Tarra. They would come to her home and put an end to Kitty Kitty’s suffering, surrounded by her loving family.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube; The 100x Vet

For Dr. Kris, the decision to euthanize an animal must be something he can come to terms with.

He states that he has “to be personally comfortable with what (he) is about to do”. Both the medical team and the family have to be in agreement that this is the best decision to make.

So when he’s meeting an animal for the first time in these circumstances, he does a thorough exam to look for “red flags”. These are going to be the proof he requires to confirm euthanasia is the most humane option. Only then will he be able to move forward.

Kitty Kitty, although clearly not feeling well, was still as sweet as can be to the visitors during her exam.

She sat patiently while they took urine and blood samples and gave her a full checkup.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube; The 100x Vet

They were able to do a urinalysis onsite and what they saw surprised them. Dr. Kris wasn’t finding any red flags with Kitty Kitty!

Even though she was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), they weren’t seeing the issues in her urine that would normally be present. 

Happily, they were able to take a new approach where euthanasia wouldn’t have to be considered that day! Kitty Kitty may have more time!

Photo: Screenshot YouTube; The 100x Vet

Kitty Kitty was given subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics. They also gave her antidepressants and the equivalent to an antacid. This would ideally help her gain her appetite back and get much needed calories. 

Check out the entire video of their visit, treatments and how this amazing duo turned one cats life around!

Vero was happy to share an update on Kitty Kitty’s status through the fundraising page a couple of months ago! 

“I was extremely fortunate to receive help and it turns out that Kitty Kitty will be living out the rest of her days!

We found Dr Kris thanks to the help of a very generous lady through Facebook. He came directly to our house at no cost and all he asked in return was to let him film for his new YouTube series which was an honor to be a part of.

The donations we received will go to the 100x Vet. In turn, Dr Kris will be able to take the money and help more people free of cost!

Thank you so much for all of your support. It’s thanks to your generosity and people like you that our cat is back up on her feet despite the fact that we truly believed she was on her very last stretch! We are no longer accepting donations. If you still want to help the cause, you can send money to the 100x vet and help him keep doing his amazing work!”

Photo: Facebook Vero Ece

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