Kittens Mysteriously Found Living In The Walls Are Safely Rescued

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When you move into an apartment complex, don’t be surprised if you hear your neighbors through your walls. Be VERY surprised when you hear them IN the walls!!!

A resident in Grapevine, Texas was shocked when she heard meowing coming from behind the walls of her home.

Photo: Facebook Grapevine Police Department

She contacted the Grapevine Animal Shelter and Adoption Center who teamed up with the local police department to launch a rescue mission for the mysterious meowing.

Pulling out the high-tech equipment, the officers used thermal imaging to find just where the cries were coming from. With approval from the apartment complex, the rescuers carefully cut a hole in the wall to pull the kittens to safety.

Photo: Thermal Imaging of a cat

Three young kittens, only a few weeks old, were found.

It’s amazing that they’d been living in the building’s structure unknown for that long! They don’t know if the litter had been born behind the walls or perhaps had gotten in somehow seeking shelter from the outdoors.

Photo: Facebook Grapevine Police Department; Officers cut holes in the wall to extract the kittens

The kittens were taken to the animal shelter for exams and a good “home-fed” meal. Mama cat is still eluding the apartment managers as they attempt to trap her as well. She is very sneaky and reportedly keeps escaping into the ceiling and attic of the complex.

They won’t give up until mama is back safe with her babies though. Hopefully the family will all find a new adoptive home, now safely on the right side of the walls!

Photo: Facebook Grapevine Police Department

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