(With Updates) Tiny Black Kitten Rescued From Homeless Man Carelessly Bouncing Her In His Hands!

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A homeless man stood at a busy intersection in Tampa, Florida approaching cars as they stopped at the light. As animal lover Katie Elizabeth drew closer, she noticed the man pulling something out of his pocket and bouncing it around in his hands.

At first, she shook her head in disbelief, convincing herself that she was mistaken in what she was seeing. Pulling up to the man, she asked him exactly what it was.

Her fears were confirmed. The man had a small, black kitten in his pocket!

Photo Courtesy of Katie Elizabeth

Without a thought, the man handed the kitten to Katie who CERTAINLY wasn’t about to give the poor endangered fur-baby back to him! She had no plan but knew she had to help this little fluff ball find a better place to call home than a pocket.

Katie doesn’t believe the little kitten, a female, was exposed to the outdoors for very long. She did not have fleas and both her paws and ears were very clean. Katie bathed the tiny girl and gave her something to eat. Now safe indoors, clean and fed, the black kitten fell happily asleep.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Elizabeth

Reaching out on her Facebook page, Katie contacted Cat Man Chris, as well as Cole & Marmalade via messenger for assistance, knowing they lived in the Tampa area as well. Directing her to St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, they all hoped together they could find someone who could foster the deserving kitten.

It is never easy finding space for all the helpless felines needing homes, especially during year-round kitten season here in Florida. Having black fur, the odds were unfairly stacked against this beauty too.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Elizabeth

Having 5 cats of her own at home, Katie couldn’t take the baby even as much as she wanted to. The Cole and Marmalade household was full with the famous duo and 3 fosters from St. Francis of their own. Luckily St. Francis, who are a fully foster-based rescue team, came through with a solution!!

One of the fosterers Cathy, who lives in nearby Valrico, was able to take the kitten in. The loving little girl was happy to snuggle up to her new foster mom. As they were snuggling though, Cathy noticed that she had a small spot of ringworm on her leg, something which can be very difficult to notice in felines, usually underneath the fur. Fortunately, she has the medication and experience to address the issue right away.

Photo: Example ringworm on a black kitten

The tiny kitten has been named “Pocket”.

“She’s very sweet and wants to cuddle and play”, reports Cathy.

Pocket will stay with Cathy and the St. Francis foster family until she is old enough to be spayed and put up for adoption. If you are interested in Pocket or any of the other PURRfect kitties, please visit their website to find your next fur-ever family member!

Photo Courtesy of Katie Elizabeth



After Pocket was surrendered, the lucky little kitten has been loving life indoors for the past few months.

The biggest change is that Pocket is a boy!!! 

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

At their young age, it’s very difficult to determine the sex of kittens. Many are found to be the opposite sex after a vet visit or at a month old. Lucky the name stuck! 

Pocket quickly won the hearts of his foster family. He can be found snuggling other fosters in the most adorable ways. 

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

There is even a dog in the home that Pocket bravely states, “I don’t mind dogs, but they sniff me a lot. It tickles.”

His fosterers also ensure us that the homeless man who originally found Pocket tried his best to care for the kitten, but with his unfortunate circumstances, just couldn’t. 

This turned out to be the best in many ways, since Pocket was also found to have ringworm when he arrived in the foster home.

The virus can be spread quickly, to other felines and less common, humans. There was no way the man would have been able to cure the virus.

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

Having experienced ringworm with our newest Cole and Marmalade family member Zig Zag, we know this is NOT an easy fix. Even the description on TinyKittens.com is terrifying…and we can only laugh now that it’s finally gone. 

Ringworm is a fungus, not a worm. It is zoonotic, meaning it is highly contagious to humans, cats, and dogs. Ringworm spores can survive in your carpeting or house for 18+ months. If someone you know is battling ringworm with their kittens, they will probably need a hug, kleenex, and lots of wine.”

But now, fully healed, Pocket is ready for his fur-ever home! He is up for adoption through St. Francis and his profile can be found here. 

If you are ready for an adorable kitten in your life, please consider little Pocket! 

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