Man Films Family of 4 Mountain Lions Right Outside His Window!

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Drinking your morning coffee, the last thing you want to see is a big cat looking at you through your porch sliding glass doors. Scratch that….seeing a family of 4 mountain lions on your porch!!! That’s how Colorado resident Andy Davis began his day this past Wednesday.

Photo: Chris Poole; Mountain Lion “Mac” living at Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, FL

He was sitting at his kitchen table, preparing for the day and his morning run. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted movement. So imagine his surprise seeing a big cat sauntering up the steps of his porch! Perhaps it was his training as a United States Army Sergeant Major that allowed him to keep his cool in the wake of the startling experience.

As he slowly and calmly reached for his phone to record the beautiful feline, 3 more mountain lions ascended the stairs!

He believes it was a mother and her cubs as normally these cats are solitary in the wild.

The family explored Andy’s outdoor living area for about 6 minutes and he was able to film the entire adventure. The big cats casually sipped water together from a refreshing fountain.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

At one point, mama cat peers inside the home with eyes sure to make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Remaining calm and avoiding startling movements, Andy professionally kept the camera recording.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

One brave cub decided it needed a better view and even hopped up onto the railing of the deck!

After apparently appurroving the outdoor space, the foursome casually crossed the deck, descended down another staircase and disappeared back into the thick coniferous forest.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

While you can occasionally spot a big cat from a distance in their mountainous region, David never expected a whole family of the graceful felines to be right outside his window!

Photo: Chris Poole; Mountain Lion living at Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, FL

We’re just glad this extremely rare mountain lion sighting was filmed for the world to share in his experience.

You can bet he will be a bit more cautious when stepping outdoors now that his home has been deemed “cat-worthy”. You know that feeling of thinking there is something watching you from the woods? Multiply that times 4!

Ann Schnittker Sparks in Conifer, Colorado, originally shared the video. According to a local news personality, Jayson Luber Traffic Guy’s Facebook post, Ann said:

HOLY CATS! This was taken at 6am this morning from my next door neighbors porch. We share a driveway and are about a 30 second walk from each other. When the lions go under the trailer they are headed into my yard. Good LORD!!!

Photo: Chris Poole; Filming pumpkin enrichment with Mountain Lion at Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, FL


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