Cat Found Abandoned In Ditch Wrapped In Sheet; Now Wraps Shelter Volunteers With Love

Photo courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance

A cat was discovered by landscapers in a ditch in central Florida, wrapped in a sheet and unable to escape. In early April 2018, workers were weed-whacking along side the road when they came upon a sheet littering the brush.

When they went to remove the trash, they were surprised when a male ginger cat jumped out!

Photo courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance; Discovery Day in the ditch =(

Scared and confused, (likely both the workers and the cat!), the feline ran and hid under a nearby car. Refusing to leave the unfortunate cat, they were finally able to catch him and brought him to the local Clewiston Animal Control.

Working closely with Naples Cat Alliance in the past, the Animal Control officers reached out to see if they would be able to help the ailing cat. The Naples team were quick to agree.

The poor ditch kitty was a bit battered and worse for the wear, in dire need of assistance.

They believe that he was thrown from the window of a moving car into the bushes. He was underweight at only 8 pounds and had abrasions covering his body and face. His fur was one giant mat, covered with burrs and pine needles from the ditch. Also, he was infested with dreaded fleas.

Photo courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance; At the Vet checkup – his tail is just between his legs, don’t worry!

Thankfully, his gums had good color which is a quick indicator of the health of an animal.

He registered a normal temperature and was eating well, but they had to wait until the next morning to get to the veterinarian and find out the extent of his injuries. They were very worried about his tail which appeared to be “dead”, dragging listlessly behind him.

The vet discovered his tail was in fact broken, likely from the fall and they had to carefully shave it to remove the burrs and fleas.

Not in a hurry to entertain the though of having to amputate the appendage, the team decided to give him a steroid injection. They would wait for the healing process to either work or prove there was no other option. He did have some feeling at the base of the tail so they were optimistic.

Luckily it worked and he is slowly regaining movement and the use of his “wag”!!!

Photo courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance; Edward still regal with his shaved tail

Sadly, the vet did confirm his injuries were consistent with those from being thrown from a vehicle. He was also already neutered so some careless human had just decided they didn’t want him any longer–literally ditching him. 

Officially now named “Edward”, he was updated on his rabies shots and tested negative for FIV and FELV.

He is estimated to be around 5 years old.Shelter volunteers are baffled daily at the thought of someone throwing him away. He purrs all the time and loves giving hugs, even after what he’s been through in his life.

Photo courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance; Edward hanging with his shelter buds

Edward is the first at the door welcoming volunteers when they arrive and has become buddies with many of the other cats awaiting their fur-ever homes.

He has a huge appetite now and his health is improving each day.

The Naples Cat Alliance team were happy to share his antics with their Facebook fans.

He is the best cat, but he is also a bottomless pit! [Edward] loves to eat and if you so much look at a Temptations bag, he will be right at your feet meowing. He always comes to tell you later in the day he wants more wet food and loves to be picked up.

Photos courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance: “Helping” with the laundry!

As many cats do, one of Edwards favorite things to do is “help” with the laundry. Snuggling into the freshly dried bedding, staff wonder if he ever had a bed of his own or knew the comfort of truly being loved in his past.

Photos courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance; His very own comfy bedding

They know as much as they love having him in their lives, they hope to find him the purrfect fur-ever home, where he can have his willingness to love returned to him many times over.

He is majestic, he is a lion, king of hearts, confident and serene but still loves kisses and to be held. Although we don’t want to see him go, he is ready to be part of a wonderful family. Please share for Edward, his kingdom awaits!

Photos courtesy of Naples Animal Alliance; Special loving hugs for shelter volunteers on Fathers Day 2018


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    • Deanna, where up north? If you are serious, I will be traveling up north but I don’t know if Naples Cat Alliance would allow that kind of adoption. The distance adoption or not in person. Nadine

  1. What a sweet baby. Reminds me of my “Lil ‘One” but longer fur. I hate when people treat animals like this.

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