Kitten Walks Into Police Station; Refuses To Leave Without A Job…Or A Fur-ever Partner

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Here’s how you get a job…just walk in and start doing it! In the case of one tiny black kitten, he also got a fur-ever home.

Photo: Facebook/Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

At the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, the small furbaby was seen “pawtrolling” outside the station on July 10th.

Although he eluded capture, he made his way into the building 2 days later.

Sauntering in nonchalantly, the department joked on their Facebook page that “We think he was trying to walk on as a K-9 unit and refused to leave until he got into the building for an interview.”

Photo: Facebook/Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

The ambitious pawfficer went straight to the top and settled into the sergeants office. The “hot seat” for this brave kitten was more appealing than for most visitors at the station.

He settled in nicely on the printer and took a well earned cat nap.

Photo: Facebook/Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

His fellow officers are reporting the new catdet has “got a big attitude but is super cute.”

One officer, Deputy Scalise was quick to step up and accept the fearless feline as her new pawrtner. She took him for his physical fitness test and he passed with flying colors! He will now call her home his purrmanent residence proving once again, many cats pick their humans. We just happily accept our role.

Photo: Facebook/Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

As of July 12th, the kitten hadn’t been named yet. Followers on the department’s Facebook page had plenty of purrfect suggestions though.

What’s your favorite suggestion!?

  • Deputy Fuzzy Mittens
  • Sgt. Pepper
  • Officer Fuzzy-Butt
  • Justice
  • Sergeant Fuzzywhiskers
  • Copy Cat
  • Kitty Mc Catface
  • Kat-9
Photo: Facebook/Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

They haven’t updated fans yet with the final decision but we’ll be sure to let you know the calling card for this adorable new addition to the “paw enfurcement” family if they do.

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