Mini Black Panther Team Welcome New One-Eyed Kitten; Trio Bonds Over Striking Similarities

The Cat Man Of Aleppo

Three felines have found a unique comfort and companionship in each other. They all share a new home at the Alaa and house of Cats Ernesto in Aleppo with The Cat Man Of Aleppo himself.

Fadi, Shadi and welcomed newcomer, Rodriguez have happily formed the sanctuaries black panther union.

Photo: The Cat Man of Aleppo; Shadi plays with Rodriquez and Fadi meownitors from behind


What makes this union even more heartwarming, is that both Fadi and Rodriquez are blind in one eye. Fadi also suffers from very bad vision in her remaining eye.

Nothing will stop this graceful team, certainly not a lack of vision.

Photo: The Cat Man of Aleppo; Rodriquez


Fadi and Shadi have been at the sanctuary for a few months but bonded even more closely when little Rodriguez was rescued. A couple of days after his arrival on June 21st, the brave little kitten joined forces with the power duo, completing their purrfect trio.

Photo: The Cat Man of Aleppo


The three ebony beauties are frequently seen lounging together around the location.

Photo: The Cat Man of Aleppo


Fadi and Rodriguez successfully guard their nook, wisely situated to utilize the best views. Now that’s teamwork!

Photo: The Cat Man of Aleppo


Rodriquez has even proven his steadfast and brave heart by approaching our favorite canine residents at the haven, Amira and Henry! This ameowzing dog duo are loving life together too. 

Photo: The Cat Man of Aleppo; (L) Amira, Henry and Brave Little Rodriguez; (R) Amira and Henry Team Eating


We know the gorgeously striking triad are now under the best care possible with owner Alaa’s watchful eyes…or he is under theirs! Great way to start your day =) 

Photo: The Cat Man of Aleppo

Please follow Alaa and the lifesaving work he is doing for all animals in Syria!

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  1. i have been following cole & marmalade for years…..i try to keep up on any news of cats in syria also….keep up the good work..and god bless you all…….

  2. I’ve seen Amira and Henry in other YouTube videos. I believe it was Amira with a kitty friend prior to Henry. Glad to see more of The Cat Man of Aleppo.

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