WITH KITTEN UPDATES & RESCUE VIDEO! New Jersey Mechanic’s Good Deed; Saves Kitten From Car Engine

It was just a normal Thursday in New Jersey last week for most people. But at Paul’s Garage in Scotch Plains, a local mechanic was approached by a man asking if he wanted to do a “good deed today”. Without a second thought, Kyle Fitzpatrick, replied “Sure, what’s the good deed?”.

“I think there’s a cat stuck in my car. I hear meowing”, the gentleman explained.

Photo Credit: Kyle Fitzpatrick

Not the reply Kyle was expecting to hear! It was fate that the man had found him however, as he is an avid cat lover himself.

Taking action immediately, Fitzpatrick and a co-worker jacked the car up and removed the driver side wheel to get a better look. It wasn’t until they took the wheel well liner and other pieces off the car, that they were able to lay eyes on the tiny kitten, later confirmed to be a female.

Situated between the radiator and the wheel well, it appeared the kitten was attempting to escape the heat of the engine. But unfortunately her fragile leg was slightly stuck and preventing her from moving completely.

With assistance from her heroes, her leg was freed and she sprinted to the other side of the bumper within the automobile. Joining the extraction team, business owner Paul quickly grabbed the compressed air hose from the shop. Lightly blowing air into the bumper, the trio coaxed the kitten to the open side of the vehicle.

Kyle has experience with feral cats so he wisely knew to have long gloves on to prevent injury to himself and possible the animal. When he was finally able to touch the feline, she was shaking with fright.

When she showed no signs of aggression, Kyle removed the thick gloves and began petting the kitten to calm her down. Slowly gaining the baby girls trust, he grabbed her by the tuft just as her mother would do. He had just enough space in the opening to extract the kitten and happily held the rescued fur-baby gently in his arms.

Kyle sent us this suspenseful but adorable video of the dedicated rescuers in action. 

Kyle’s “Good Samaritan” deeds weren’t over yet though. Again, without a second thought, he accepted and welcomed the little girl into his home!

After a veterinarian visit the following day, the kitten was estimated to be about 7 weeks old and in good health. She’s still too small to get her vaccinations however and will receive them later.

Photo Credit: Kyle Fitzpatrick; Hellcat making herself at home

He appropriately named her Hellcat (after the Dodge Challenger Hellcat) since she was pulled from a Dodge Challenger. She is settling in perfectly to her new home, even using the litter box successfully. As a foster to feral/stray cats, believe us, this is an extremely happy detail to report!

She sleeps on or next to Kyle every night now and has become very attached to her hero. His sister shot this cute slow mo video of Hellcat loving life. 

Congratulations to little Hellcat and Kyle!!! Best wishes for a long and safe life together…in the comfort of a home WITHOUT wheels!

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Thank you FUR your support!

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  1. Oh my word that is the cutest story ever mol bless the good hearted mechanic..I’m glad she went home with him ????

  2. thank you very much kyle.best wish to you and your little cuty kity.i’m really feel happy to read this story.

  3. Kyle, you rock! Good job, lots of patience and care and obviously a lot of love to give and to receive. Wishing you well from France!

  4. Thank you Paul’s garage, for allowing Kyle to rescue the kitten, and KYLE for safely getting Hellcat a home. Kyle you are a HERO! ????Big thanks to the car owner who cared enough to ask for help for the kitten.

  5. AWW, I hope that Kyle has many long and happy years with dear sweet Hellcat 🙂

  6. Adorable kitty! But I really wanted to tell the man holding the camera to pipe down. His loud voice would obviously scare the kitten.

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