Kitten Returned To Shelter A Year Later Gets Another Chance At Love

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A tiny kitten was brought into the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Tampa Bay early 2015. The poor baby was only a few weeks old and had an injury to her face.

They had no information on what may have caused the injury, but decided to try and save her regardless. The staff named her Gemma, the miracle kitten.

One of the volunteers, Rebecca Williams, took the kitten home to care for her. She had to syringe feed her for a few weeks, bathe her wound and administer antibiotics. At first she was very sick and weak, but fought valiantly.

Driving to and from the shelter she would cry if left in the carrier. If allowed to sit in Rebecca’s lap during the ride however, she would happily fall asleep.

One of Gemma’s favorite things was to be carried in Rebecca’s hoodie pouch to stay warm.

After a few weeks she started feeling better, her face healed and she grew into a bossy and playful kitten.

One of the most difficult things for a fosterer to do is to say goodbye to their temporary fur-babies. Gemma had her sterilization surgery and went up for adoption. It was the last time Rebecca thought she would see the brave and determined kitten.

About a year later, one of the staff at the shelter contacted Rebecca and informed her Gemma had been returned! She was devastated to hear the news. Rushing to see Gemma, she found she had turned into a beautiful adult with all the purrsonality she had as a kitten.

While fosterers always dream of being able to see their foster kittens as grown ups, this was not what anyone wants.

Rebecca was contacted after about a week and informed her that Gemma had been adopted by a lovely woman just in time for Christmas! Truly a miracle kitten!

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