Big Cats vs. Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Enrichment at Big Cat Rescue

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Just like their miniature cousins, big cats occasionally like to release their rambunctious inner child through exploration and adventures. Although we can’t join in their fun directly, we can certainly enjoy their crazy antics from a safe distance!

Check out these delightful big cats living at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida as they hunt down their carefully crafted Easter egg enrichment made by the volunteers. Each hand-crafted papier-mache egg has been decorated in enticing designs to lure the predators in and keep their hunting senses sharp – although the eggs don’t put up much of a fight! =)

What makes these important enriching ovals even more tempting to the felines? They’ve been filled with catnip and cinnamon! This mix of tantalizing herbs and spices is a favorite of many of the cats at the sanctuary, as you can see. You can also see that some don’t think that highly of their colorful egg or the contents!

Canary melons also made great eggs for the big cats to smash in this video!

*IMPORTANT CRAFTING & INGESTION CAUTIONS: The papier-mache that is used for all BCR enrichment is made up of ONLY flour and water and painted with non-toxic paints. While small quantities of cinnamon is safe enough for cats to eat, large and small alike, do not allow them to ingest more than a small amount and NEVER use cinnamon oils or extracts! With the feline heightened sense of smell, this can be a very potent odor and many cats will not like it at all; just as with catnip. Some cats dislike cinnamon to the point that people can often use it for a deterrent!

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