Top 10 Black Cat Facts

What makes them so UNIQUE?!

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When Cole came into our lives in 2012, it was brought to our attention just how misunderstood black cats really were and how this had negatively impacted their lives throughout the centuries. We’ve all heard of the superstitions surrounding domestic black cats but how about the actual FACTS regarding these majestic house panthers?!

  1. There are many superstitions in the United States about a black cat crossing your path and bringing you bad luck. But did you know that in Britain and Japan it’s actually GOOD LUCK when this happens?! We agree that they’re definitely good luck!

  2. Based on superstitions surrounding Halloween and medieval beliefs about witches, black cats are sadly targets for abuse around this holiday. Many shelters will NOT adopt out black cats during the month of October for fear that they will be used in abusive rituals and devil worship.

  3. Black coats are more prevalent in MALE cats.

  4. There are 22 breeds of cats that can come in solid black colors! Meaning there are plenty of gorgeous house panthers out there for us to share our homes with <3

  5. Research is showing that genetic mutations found in black cats make them more RESILIENT TO ILLNESSES! Because numerous health issues can affect both humans and felines, ex. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, immune disorders, by attempting to figure out how cats have built up resistance to these, potentially researchers can learn how to prevent these in humans too.
  6. Excessive amounts of MELANIN is what causes their fur to be black. This is not only the cause in our beloved house cats but there more dangerous big cat cousins as well.

  7. Melanism is the opposite of albinism and due to the high melanin pigment content, this causes most black cats to have enticing golden yellow eyes.   

  8. Many of us have noticed our black beauties look almost chocolate brown or reddish when lying in their favorite sun spot, but why is this? Black fur turns a reddish brown after prolonged exposure to sun! If only temporary, once melanin levels return to normal, so will their fur color. *If you’re of a certain age, you can compare them to hyper-color clothing!!! =)
  9. Their fur will also turn GREY with age, just like us humans. Just a more distinguished look we believe.

  10. Their paws have retractable roller blades! Okay, not a fact in any sense but like Cole demonstrates, a fluffy black paw can lead to adorably fun times!

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