Why Cat Logic is Purrfect!

I’ve had a lot of fun over the past few years exploring the cat logic theme in videos and posts to our social sites… cats definitely have their own strange and special way of looking at the world around them that people don’t always get! It’s difficult to understand their thought process (or, sometimes if they’re thinking at all?!) … but in most cases their reactions and decisions always keep us laughing and that’s why I think cat logic is purrfect!

For example, Marmalade is the king of “If I Fits, I Sits” he’s especially fond of bags and will crawl inside them and curl up for a catnap whenever he has the chance, but he will cram his little furry body into any space he deems nap worthy… Cole on the other hand much prefers an empty pizza box to lay on and dream of chasing mice, either way we have no cat beds in our house 🙂

I’m betting most people reading this can all relate to a video clip or image posted on this page and I’m sure there are many other examples of cat logic out there! … If you have a fun story you’d like to share, please post in the comments section so we can all laugh together at the way a cat’s mind works 🙂

Here are our videos exploring CAT LOGIC and WHAT CATS SEE, enjoy…

and remember, there’s never enough food in their bowls 🙂



One thought on “Why Cat Logic is Purrfect!

  1. No doubt about it… our Feline Overlords are definitely from another planet. Marble, my feral boy, enjoys “kibble under towel” meaning that he will cover his dish with the towel we keep on the front step to make the step a bit more comfy for him. Then, he can’t figure out why he cannot get to his food. Or he will eat from different sides of his dish, and leave patterns. A smiley face, a frowny face, and ring around the cat food dish.

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