9 Signs Cats Are Plotting World Domination!

Sure they’re cute, but are cats plotting world domination? … Take a look at these 9 signs and YOU decide!

*Have the humans watching this video noticed any other signs? … Is watching too many cat videos another sign!? … are we being brainwashed!!? Aaaaarrrggghh!


Check out our latest video! > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfarzNic3fU

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Written by catmanchris

I'm owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade, I'm a lifelong cat fan and hope to continue to both entertain and educate with the videos I produce and the blog posts I create


  1. I hope you and the “guys” are OK. I saw on the news about the rain and mud slides. I hope your apartment complex is not affected.

  2. Hi there! I love your cat videos. I just noticed that Cole has dark spots on the roof of his mouth inside. My kitten does too but I didn’t know if it was normal or should be checked out. Have you heard anything on this topic?
    Keep the humorous videos and blogs coming. They crack me up